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Living room design: light interior in Scandinavian style


This interior authors prepared for the heroesprogram "Housing issue" channel NTV. In this white, filled with light and air, the interior designers have provided a cozy place for every member of a large family

In general, it turned out to be a cozy and homely interior withelements of Scandinavian design, simple in form, at the same time light and full of air. Anna Yakupova and Ekaterina Izumrudskaya, interior designers Anna Yakupova: Graduated with honors from the International School of Design (IDS), received a red diploma from the Rodac school (Great Britain), trained in Italy and continues her studies in the workshops of the Details school. Ekaterina Izumrudskaya Graduated from the International School of Design (IDS) with honors. Trained in Italy and is constantly continuing her studies at various courses and master classes. Loves to travel, as often the inspiration for objects is born in travel. Designers visit international design exhibitions to keep abreast of new products. We are convinced that not only the customer chooses the designer, but also the customer's designer. It is then that an excellent result is guaranteed! Credo: Beauty is always, beauty is in everything!

- This project was prepared for transmission"Housing issue" channel NTV. We remodeled the living room in a three-room apartment in the south-west of Moscow overlooking the park. The apartment belongs to an interesting and colorful family of four people - Pope Paul, Mama Evgenia, daughter Anfisa (4 years) and grandmother Tatyana Pavlovna.

The living room changed completely and began to reflectall interests and wishes of customers. We took into account all the nuances and made space for life, for creativity, for the whole family. The living room turned out to be bright and spacious, the walls were painted in a beautiful warm white color, on the floor a comfortable wide chalk-wood parquet made of walnut was laid.

The room turned out functional, there are manybuilt-in wardrobes for clothes that are flush with the walls, so that they are not conspicuous. We used a light walnut tree with well-read texture on the walls and on the part of the ceiling. Near the sofa, a zone with wooden 3D panels of a rich honey hue was organized. This method helped to distinguish the sofa zone. Priority place is given to a cozy folding sofa with a large bed. Upholstery is pleasant to the touch - it is a light gray fabric, except for other advantages, it is very easy to clean. The abundance of decorative pillows helps to refresh the reserved character of the interior and brings a game of textures and colors.

We were very impressed with the history of the family - grandmother in 59years has risen on skis, and it has turned for it in a serious hobby. We got a very sporty family, all of them often and happily spend time in the mountains. This fact inspired us to create a bar table in the form of a mountainside, it is supposed that it will be made from MDF by its transformation, bending. There is also an option with the use of plastic in the form of the main material. For the zone above the table, we came up with a chandelier in the form of a ski pole with "naleplennymi" on it with round snowballs-bulbs.

We thought through several scenarios of lighting -top light, soft streaming illumination of 3D panels, illumination of the bar zone of the chandelier and soft decorative illumination of the wooden part of the ceiling, a floor lamp in the area near the fireplace and, in fact, the falshkan with candles can also be considered as a source of additional lighting.

There is also a "French wall" with illumination. With France, the family has a lot of good things - they all learn French, besides the sister of the family's father lives and works in Paris, she is a successful and talented musician. The growing daughter is mastering the game on the piano. That is why in our project there was a French wall with piano and brickwork, as well as a saying in French "My house is my family". This inscription has not only a decorative function, but also is a source of additional lighting, because it is made of LED tubes.

Another effective element of this room was therack with falshkonom, made to order for the author's sketches. We created a shelf, based on cubes of white dyed MDF, placed by a Christmas tree. At the center of this design and arranged falshkem.

Inside the fireplace are glued wooden sawsdifferent diameters. Floor candles, frames with photos from trips, favorite books and musical background from favorite tunes - all this creates a unique atmosphere of the house.