14 bright interior collages from the popular service -


You do not own any graphic editor, but dream of creating your own interior collages? Look at what the polyvore service is capable of!

Every interior designer knows how difficult it is sometimes to convey your idea to the customer. In some situations, even visualizations and so-called "mindboards" can not help.

Collages until recently and at allWere perceived by our compatriots as frivolous random collections of images. However, for some time now the situation began to change. Designers and decorators are actively creating collages with the help of polyvore service and collect hundreds of positive responses to each collection.

The word "polyvore" does not call in your mindAssociative wavelets? Perhaps you just never visited the official site of the service - and therefore do not know how useful this resource can be.

Initially polyvore was focused on creatingStylish collections of clothes and accessories. And the collages themselves are an interactive picture that broadcasts information on each object included in it. Items can be selected from the collection itself.service and add products from various, including Russian-language online stores. Today, in the resource base, you can find a fairly rich collection of interior collages. The editors have selected 14 popular collages created on the service over the past three months for this article.