200 shades of blue: what could be the blue interior


Blue is the color of creative people. The variations of its shades are endless. But how to properly use this color in the interior? In what rooms is it appropriate and how can it affect the psyche? Answers - in our article The azure sea waves, the gentle blue sky, the black blue of the night - all this is the palette of one of the most mysterious, pretentious and magnificent colors known to man. Blue can be deep, gentle, light, saturated, soothing and invigorating. It is so multifaceted and unpredictable! Today we will tell you what emotions it can cause in a person, what colors it should be combined and in which rooms it is better to use blue shades.

At the level of emotions

Calm shades of blue affecthuman emotions are calming. They create a special, unique atmosphere of deep relaxation, meditation, pleasant dreams. In this situation, working capacity decreases, and the main role begins to play rest. That's why such soothing shades often appear in the interiors of the bedrooms. Classic blue evokes a sense of security. В таком интерьере человек чувствует свою значимость, духовную самодостаточность, цельность натуры. Возможно, именно поэтому цвет лазурита был так популярен у королевских особ в разные времена. Цвет моря и чистого неба – это позитивный оттенок, способствующий хорошему настроению и заряжающий бодростью. Бледный аквамарин, цвет Tiffany и даже темный сине-зеленый дарят чувство свежести, чистоты и прохлады.

With what to combine

The most common scheme is blue + white. These colors emphasize the depth, uniqueness and nobility of each other. This combination is considered to be an element of nature romantic, light, creative and uncomplicated in sentiment. It is suitable for men's interiors, and for women's. Одним из самых смелых считается соединение синего and yellow. This is a real challenge both to yourself and to society. Only extraordinary personalities go to such experiments. Warm yellow against a cold blue background is most often used in the form of accents, additional strokes. This union gives the interior depth: blue becomes richer, and yellow seems to acquire a special glow. The "Unusual and Stylish" series includes a combination of blue and red shades. In terms of emotional stress, such a scheme is softer than blue-yellow and is able to give the interior a thermal contrast, to bring notes of sensuality into it.

In which room?

Shades of blue are perfect forbedroom decoration, especially pale gray variations of blue. They are also appropriate in children's rooms. For the kitchen, you can choose clean and soft shades of blue, turquoise or light blue. They will refresh the interior, place the necessary accents and make the process of creating culinary masterpieces especially enjoyable. The blue-green, "sea" range is ideal for the bathroom. It evokes associations with summer, resort, cruises and an unforgettable vacation. These colors balance emotions, moderately invigorating and soothing. Workrooms, living rooms and corridors can be decorated in blue. You just need to observe the measure in everything, be guided by the sense of taste and recommendations of designers.

What to remember about

  • The blue color in the interior creates a sense of purity, well-being and order, especially if the room is spacious.
  • Pastel shades of blue can visually increase space. And the ceiling, painted in a heavenly tone, creates the illusion of airiness and lightness.
  • Pale blue is ideal for rooms in which windowsgo to the south. But the room with windows to the west and east in such a color is better not to paint, because the warm sunlight can not be reflected in them and will make the interior dull and gloomy.
  • To dark blue shades are not oppressed and looked cozy, you need to dilute them with pastel, bright or light shades (and this should be serious additions, not individual accents).
  • Do not use dark blue colors inrooms where an active life is taking place (for example, in the office or in the gym), as they act on a person soothing and slow down the work processes.