Color trends of 2014 in the interior: 8 most fashionable shades

Today we will tell you about the most popular andFashionable colors in 2014. Romantic lilac, deep blue, shimmering gold ... What shade is more relevant now? To choose the right color for the future of the interior is just as important a step as defining the style in which the room or the whole apartment will be framed. It is important to take into account not only personal preferences, but also fashion trends, so that the interior always bewitched with its impeccability. And even if the repair is already completed, the walls are painted, the wallpaper is covered, the furniture is arranged, you can dilute the composition with accessories that are relevant for this year's shades. What are they - trend colors-2014?

Aroma of orchids

Purple, lilac, orchid - the color thatFell in love with designers back in 2013. And they could not part with them! Therefore, these shades have automatically become trends in 2014. They look gentle and romantic and depending on the saturation they can fill the interior with depth or, for example, bring a touch of lightness into it. The shades of violet with azure, gentle-yellow, buffy-green and olive are ideally combined. Our opinion To prolong the train of refinement of gray will help the color scheme, which has already become classical: gray, light brown, beige.

Solar Bunnies

Mustard, hydrangea, freesia - shades of yellow,Which can make your interior not only fashionable, but also more vivid. They are especially relevant for apartments that are located in large cities, not devoid of monochrome color. Such sunbeams raise the mood, give warmth, invigorate and tune into a cheerful wave. Combine the shades of yellow with blue, turquoise, grass green and black. If you are afraid to put on a bright outfit the whole interior, then make accent only curtains, pillows or individual accessories. Alexei Yeliseyev, head and co-owner of the chain of English paint stores MANDERS: "Now in interiors, bold, bright and rich colors are much more often used. Nuances such as mustard ocher, arsenic green, blueberry gradients, are increasingly used in interiors. "

Deep dive

Blue and all its shades are a trend that has long since becomeClassics. It is so multifaceted that it can be used in almost any interiors and in any rooms. The psychological effect of this color can be both soothing, thought-provoking, and refreshing, impelling to create and act. Our opinion Blue is best combined with white, yellow and red. This year, designers recommend paying attention to the deep, velvet blue.

Color of nobility

Gray, it would seem, is one of the mostUnremarkable shades, but not for interior designers. Many are already tired of the classic beige and are hungry for fresh sensations. A noble smoky shade can make the interior elegant. And do not be afraid that it will be boring: gray has a lot of different color overflows, combined with neutral and bright colors. Especially good are the variations of gray in the apartments of people in constant nervous tension: just such calm colors balance emotions. Smoky canvas will be appropriate juicy accents in the form of paintings, vases and flowers. Alexey Eliseev, chairman and co-owner of a network of shops of British paints MANDERS: «Quite often designers prefer glossy paint, enhancing the brightness of colors. One can note one more tendency, gaining momentum, the transition to colder palettes. "

Pastel mood

Another shade that can adjust toRelaxation and calm the nervous system, - light green pastel Hemlock. It is good because it can act as a base. At the same time, it does not overload the space, does not scream with brightness and adjusts to carelessness, lightness and summer romance.

Barefoot on Sand

Brown and its shades this year againReturn to the pedestal of popularity. A saturated beige, color of cinnamon, wet sand or natural wood - each of them can be used as a basis or can appear in separate color patches.

Silver in gold

Gold and silver this year have become one of the mostInteresting and used in the interior of combinations. They, as two opposites, complement each other, conflict on the brink. When using these emitting luxury shades, it's important not to overdo it, otherwise the room will look ridiculous. Our opinion Do not forget about copper and brass. Some of their interspersions will introduce a peculiar gloss in the interior.

With ostrinkoy!

Perhaps the most daring, bright and sharp colorThis year can be considered cayenne, that is, "pepper". Bold, experimental and enchanting, it will become an ideal accent shade in a neutral interior. Do not avoid brightness! Season this "pepper" with a calm color composition, make it more piquant and tasty!