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5 best color combinations for a bedroom in the palettes of 2016 -


Spring has come, and your bedroom is still in winter clothes? It's time for change! Let's understand the color trends and their applications in the realities of the bedroom

The bedroom is the most intimate place in any home.Therefore, its design must be approached with special aspiration. Today we're going to take a look at a few color schemes based on this season's trends. So that you do not have to run through hardware stores in search of the right shade, we have selected all the colors from a new palette of paints.

Gray forever won our love as a shademultifaceted, calm and at the same time very stylish. There are only three shades of gray here. The most saturated is used in the upholstery of the bed, the walls are slightly cooler and lighter. Pay attention, the authors made the accent on the walls very simple, but effective method of diamond-shaped ornament. The third and most light shade is used in the design of the chair, part of which can be seen to the left of the bed.

Fans of more active palettes will appreciate the option withdeep blue and a few shades of turquoise. Ironically, in the blue bedroom really really good sleep. This color is able to envelop and soothe. Shades with an admixture of greenery on the headboard and in small details help to soften the transition from saturated blue to pure white on the walls.

Here we see a combination of severaltopical in this season shades, one of which is the bright canary Buttercup, proclaimed by the institute of color Pantone one of the shades of this year. In this bedroom, yellow is used as accents and perfectly copes with its task, diluting and animating the blue-gray palette of the bedroom.

The authors of this bedroom decided to use twothe main shade of this year is pink quartz and serenity in a lighter, "bleached" version. Here we see the use of metallized surfaces and very high quality wallpapers in the color of textiles.

Again a few shades of gray, but here they arelook completely different. Transparent blue and diluted pink, combined with slightly bluish walls create a light, calming atmosphere, in which the sense of freshness is sharply felt. We would recommend such a design for a bedroom in the spring and summer. That is, you can look for textiles now.