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Cribs Roomble: 7 warm color combinations for a bedroom with a palette -


To make the room cozy where you meet andend your day, start with the basics. The mood is determined by the colors of the interior - here we need a warm palette of shades, soothing and relaxing in the evening, delighting and adding energy in the morning. Not sure which paint to choose? We've found 7 perfect combinations In theory, choosing a color scheme for a bedroom is easy: just find one in which you are comfortable falling asleep and wake up, and choose harmonious companion tones. In practice, it would still be good for your favorite color to find the right shade that creates the desired effect in the space, and it is not easy to choose an additional color from many options. To avoid basic mistakes, such as too boring or flashy interior, we suggest you explore seven warm shades.

1. A gentle combination: cream colors

Designers Guild paint palette, Manders storeSoft, warm, pleasant colors that blend easily. Cream is not so much a separate color as its state. It turns out if you soften, muffle and lighten the main tone as much as possible. Do not confuse with beige - even gray and blue can be made cream, but the best color options for the bedroom combine shades of yellow, brown, pink, reminiscent of a pastry shop. Our opinion: - When combining colors, use the golden rule of decorators: 60/30/10. The main area is occupied by the main color, a third (for example curtains and textiles) is a companion tone, and a tenth is bright accents. If you are trying to "make friends" two active tones, white and neutral colors will help soften them, but if, on the contrary, you work with muted shades, bright details will add to life.

2. Harmonious combination: gentle pink and warm gray

The rapidly gaining popularity of the combinationat first glance, opposite tones - soft feminine pink and serious masculine. It is in the dissimilarity that the guarantee of its harmony is - gray warms up and softens, and pink becomes more interesting and complex. And how many different options can be found for an unusual and very cozy bedroom: steel and salmon, asphalt and fuchsia, coral and gray marble. Inna Raskina, interior designer: - The combination of a feminine shade of pale pink powder with a masculine smoky gray is perfect for decorating bedroom walls. This elegant combination has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, promoting relaxation and good mood. And pink also works perfectly to improve the color of the skin, making it visually fresher and more blooming, and this is what is important to see in the mirror when you wake up in the morning!

3. Festive combination: peach and green

Long gone are the times when the green belt onpink dress was considered top bad taste - with the right approach it's a very "tasty" combination. In addition, we are talking about peach - pink with an admixture of yellow, in a saturated version close to orange. Add to it complex shades of green - a tone of sage, green tea or salad, so that the mood of the holiday, a sense of peace and warmth will settle in the bedroom.

4. Solar combination: muffled green and yellow

Palrow of colors Farrow & Ball, shop Manders The palette of paints Farrow & Ball, shop Manders Forsample for this bright color combination take the image of a flower in a meadow. There are a lot of options: herbaceous green and lemon shade of narcissus, mint and buttery-yellow tone of buttercup, gray-marsh and sunny color of dandelion. Sadness in such a summer and warm interior simply does not have a place.

5. Summer combination: white and sandy

Sandy - very noble and unobtrusiveshade. And so that its "earthy", gray component does not come to the fore, combine it with perfect purity. There is nothing warmer than the image of a beach - golden sand and snow-white sails. Add turquoise details to complete the picture.

6. Bold combination: green and burgundy

If you need a splash of your favorite red ininterior to wake up - why not. But use its thick, muted, winey tone for a soothing effect in the evening. Try a bold combination with green, and if they are discouraged, answer firmly - the secret is to choose the right shades and a working proportion of colors. Asya Bondareva, interior designer: - Ideal color combinations are different for everyone. Someone prefers to wake up in a bright room bathed in sunlight. And someone likes it when the bedroom is cozy, dark. As a designer, I am always looking for something new, but at the same time perfect for my characters. For example, now I have a bedroom at work in a very bold color combination: the green shade of young grass in harmony with burgundy - the color of ripe cherries. This palette did not appear by chance, she just loves green, and he loves red, and it was necessary to find a compromise, combine these two colors, so that this batch always reminds them that they are perfect for each other. Feel free to mix different shades, this will bring more than just colors together.

7. Joyful combination: coral and turquoise

Palette of paints Sanderson, shop Manders Palette of paints Sanderson, shop Manders Fresh,a sincere and dynamic combination - shades of red and blue. In a dilute, muted state, they recall the mysterious depths of the sea and the corals lurking there, and in more concentrated - about the bright field of poppies against the blue sky. In any case, the effect is stunning. And the impact on the mood, on the contrary, is soft, unobtrusive, but always awakens pure joy. Author - designer and decorator Zhenya Zhdanova Our opinion:- Paint manufacturers see the same colors in very different ways. In addition, in order to make it pleasant in the bedroom to fall asleep and wake up, we need chameleon shades that adapt well to different lighting. Therefore, contact trusted suppliers with a wide range of paints - we recommend the company's store - to find the perfect shade, compare it with others and make sure that it suits you.