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5 questions that you should ask yourself before buying a kitchen equipment


Not sure where to start choosing equipment forkitchens? We will explain to you! Repairing a kitchen always takes a lot of time and effort, but most of all it takes effort to select equipment. After all, what difference does it make how well you cook if the oven doesn't work as it should? In order to make the selection process easier for you, we have selected 5 basic questions that you should ask yourself before going to a kitchen appliance store.

1. Does it really mean better?

In general, yes. For example, expensive models of dishwashers always have huge advantages in terms of not only functionality, but also energy saving. However, as it turned out, this approach is not always applicable to ovens. It is worthwhile to seek help from a consultant who will help you find the model according to your needs. And it will not be superfluous to read reviews on the Internet.

2. What is the preferred power?

Unlike restaurant plates, which shouldcook quickly and therefore consume a huge amount of energy (up to 6 kW / h), home kitchen equipment does not need such capacities. So, the oven will be enough and 2-3 kW / h.

3. Do I need a stove that can do anything?

If you are an enthusiastic cook, then, of course,choose the best. But if you just hope to learn mastery of the cook someday, then think carefully about whether it is worth spending money on functions that you might not need.

4. Do I need a hood?

If you cook at least once a day, then, of course,is needed. And smells - it's not the worst thing: just think about what will be in the kitchen in the summer, and imagine how often you have to scrape off the slab of fat.

5. Do I need a standard refrigerator?

If it does not fit into the interior, it's worth lookingembedded models. Why not buy several such refrigerators and distribute them throughout the kitchen? This is unusual, but it can be much more convenient than it seems at first glance.,,,,,