The 5 most technologically advanced houses in 2014

New technologies allow building houses forDays, plant strawberries directly on the facade and change the places of the kitchen and bedroom by simply rolling the house from one side to the other. More details - in our new collection The modern ideal house is not only the walls and the roof, but also an autonomous power supply system, an integrated winter garden and a base of prefabricated building structures. Well, or one thing. In our today's collection - the top five most interesting technological houses, which we wrote about last year.

How many strawberry bushes do you need to decorate the facade?

The standard for own large family has createdAustralian landowner who moved to his homeland kangaroo from Holland. Household plots on the mainland are nonsense, but this did not stop the enterprising father of three children from smashing his own cherry orchard and vegetable garden. The house itself is 90% made up of recyclable materials, finished with the most ordinary plywood, and the facade of the building is completely covered with strawberries.

Affordable housing in British

This one was built by the famous architect-innovatorRichard Rogers in just a day! According to such technology for record time, you can literally "collect" the house on almost any surface. And although the installation of engineering systems will take about a month, it will be possible to settle in such a house up to 24 families.

Residential house for four in a port container

This is constructed on the basis of the simplestPort container, but it has a rather complex autonomous power supply system. Such lodges can be carried around at least anywhere in the world and can not be denied anything in themselves. There can fit up to four people. Agree, as a holiday home, this option is difficult to overestimate.


Created students of the University of Karlsruhe. Cylindrical construction is finished with wood and includes several functional areas, including a study and a gym. Moving from the bedroom to the kitchen can be quite an exotic way - rolling the house on the other side.

Energy efficient dugout

When constructing this, onlyEnvironmentally friendly materials based on the most common land. What is especially interesting is that these materials self-generate negatively charged ions, which have a very beneficial effect on the body. For this house engineers have equipped a special filtration system, which prevents uncontrolled penetration of air into the house.