7 places where you can put a man -


Imagine, in your house there was a real classic guy. Appeared and ... stayed. At night. With a completely innocent purpose - just to spend the night. Where can I put him?

In this case, we consider a very ordinaryThe situation of the presence in the house of a suddenly tired mature male of medium size. Medium, of course, for the peasant - that is, about 180 cm in length and about 90 kg in weight. So.

The situation is first, ideal. You have a living room, and there is a sofa in it, which can be turned into a bed in just a few seconds. Business for small - to find a pillow, a blanket and slippers.

The situation is second, ascetic. There are slippers, there is a pillow, there is no sofa, but there is a simple mattress in Japanese style, speaking in Russian - not orthopedic. If the peasant has a healthy back and a good muscular corset, he will appreciate and thank. When he sleeps.

The situation is third, prosaic. There is no place at all, but there is a clamshell similar to the size of a man. We lay out the unit in the kitchen and distribute all the household members a glass of water.

The situation is fourth, luxurious. Your non-folding sofa in the living room is not a sofa, but a football field, on which at least a whole company of ... sleepy people can fit even though across the diagonal.

The situation is fifth, almost fantastic. In your shelving "living" bed. It is real and unoccupied. Pull for a shelf with a book - and the bed with a soft click falls out right out of nowhere. And at once with pillows and a coverlet. Miracles, not otherwise!

The situation is sixth, prudent. Every man entering your house is dressed up in a special insulated suit and gets an inflatable mattress in his hands. Without a pump, of course, he is a man or who?

The situation is the seventh, not critical. We recall the Soviet past and put the tired peasant on a folding chair. In an imploring glance we do not peer - yes, it is impossible to fit in the armchair entirely, but not to put it on the bare floor.

The situation is the eighth, hot. Tired man is complicated anatomically correct, and the utilities decided to overfulfil the heating plan today. What to do? Ventilate the room, expose the peasant and beautifully lay it in a hammock. Do you have a hammock?