How in 48 hours to arrange in the kitchen a few "holes", where you can hide supplies


It is impossible to equip the kitchen with everything necessary andTo remain contented a few years later. The number of kitchen utensils is growing every day, but the kitchen itself does not think to increase. What to do? Solve the problem, of course! No matter how many cabinets in the kitchen - everything is not enough. Then we will have a new collection of spices in beautiful jars, then taste preferences will change and it will take more space for different folds, packages and boxes. And at times we just expand our own capabilities and go on cooking courses, which leads to an avalanche-like increase in the number of dishes and various kitchen utensils. So what to do if all the boxes are already full, and the amount of supplies only grows?

1. Open shelves

This, perhaps, is the simplest, budgetary and most elegant relationship to increase the storage space in the kitchen. A separate plus: open shelves for several seasons are not out of fashion.

2. Hinged consoles

For lack of sufficient space forFull shelves can do with a small hinged console. Here it will be possible to place not only a part of the dishes, but also several jars with spices and spices.

3. Magnetic boards

Suddenly you have a collection of jars withSpices can be very conveniently placed on a magnetic board. True, jars should be special - metal. You can designate the name of the content right on the cover. Convenient, intuitive and very compact.

4. Door holders

What a waste to use such an areafor the simplest function - opening / closing. This fact haunted some craftsmen for a long time, and now various hanging shelves and holders were born. Opinion of the editors: - With regard to doors with consoles, there is only one thing: the inner space of the cabinet still has to be slightly freed up, just for the volume of the hinged structure.

5. Organizer for plates

It seems to you that the hinged cabinets could have beenTo use and more competently, yes the dishes stirs? Have you ever placed plates in drawers? Are you afraid for their safety? Get stoppers - special wooden pins that do not allow plates and glasses to move. And safely fill the upper cabinets with supplies.

6. Trays for small things

The functionality of the drawers will increaseTimes, if the whole little thing is not just poured, but laid out in neat trays, which are now on sale a great many. By the way, this way you can "settle" not only cutlery, but various convolutions and jars.

7. Suspension brackets

If your kitchen doesn't have a single freecorner, fix your gaze upward. It is there, under the ceiling, that countless pots, pans and ladles will be able to find their new home. Editorial opinion: - It is not at all necessary to use a specially created structure as a suspended console. Even the most ordinary staircase or part of it can be hung under the ceiling. Ease of use will not go anywhere, but the interior will acquire more than an interesting accent.

8. The place for saucepans

Place the pots and pans that youUse several times a day, the most logical in sight, in direct access. On the wall, for example. For this you can use both simple hooks, and perforated boards and even consoles.

9. Narrow shelves

Option for those. Who does not like to fill the working surface with jars and glasses with cutlery. Narrow (5-7 cm) shelves will not harm the interior, but they will free up a lot of space and keep your nerves - from now on all the essentials will always be at hand.

10. The gap between the cabinets

Oh yeah. You can even fill it. Just prepare a little and still place a tiny dividing shelf there. Various small things and extremely inconvenient for storage trays, baking trays and cake molds will finally find their rightful place.,, milacasa.blogspot.Com,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, homedit. Com,,,,,,,,,,