Where to hide winter things -


Spring is already very close, honestly, fur hats and double gloves can safely be hidden until the next frost attack. We'll tell you how and where

The answer, it would seem, is simple - there, where from themGot it. However, for most of us, "that place" is no longer relevant, and the reason for this is obvious until it becomes obsolete - shopping. In the cold, I really want to please myself with new things - cheerful sweaters, fluffy scarves, warm socks and all that gives joy together with the coveted warmth. So, the place is occupied. What to do?

First, you need to determine the listObjects that you hide from your eyes for a long nine months and do not regret it for a second. Probably, it's all the outer clothing that you consider to be winter, warm hats, wool socks and mittens, thick snuff and scarfs, minus shoes, ski suits, the warmest sweaters and pants / trousers / jeans with nachos. The rest can be safely left to "fancy weather" and belated spring.

Secondly, you should go around the house in search ofFree, well-closed, dry and clean place, where you can hide warm supplies. For this, boxes in the interior of a folding sofa in the living room may come up, one problem is that they must remain closed even if the folding / unfolding mechanism is started. If a suitable sofa is not found, and in the bowels of the bed you will find a sea of ​​free space, master it.

Another nice place for winter clothes - fabric organizers, which can be tightly closed and hidden in the depths of the closet, wardrobe or pantry. Well, or in extreme cases - hide under the bed. If you decide to distribute winter things in the space of the cabinet, buy clothes pouches and a special belt, on which you can hang several shoulders at once vertically in a row.