With your own hands

Glowing letters with bulbs with their own hands: decor for home

A glowing garland is a traditional New Year'saccessory. However, these colorful lights can serve as interior decoration all year round. How to use them to create a stylish decor, you learn from our article Outside the window - the height of summer, the New Year holidays are far behind, which means that festive decorations, such as glowing garlands, are likely to be dusting in one of your cabinets. We suggest that you get from the shelf favorite colorful lights and with their help to "light" the interior. After all, a garland is always possible to find an alternative application, turning a traditionally festive attribute into a stylish decor element, for example, into a luminous three-dimensional inscription. Letters will give the interior an individuality, a unique mood. And fixing the inscriptions on the wall, or putting them on furniture is your choice. You will need:

  • Letters from papier-mâché, which can be found in the departments offering goods for decoupage, or ordered on the Internet;
  • Garland (you can use any garland with LED lights);
  • Carpet knife;
  • Spray-paint;
  • Fabric roulette;
  • Punchbox (I mean not the usual clericalAccessory, and the device used primarily in the garment sector; If you do not have it, do not get upset: you can make the necessary holes with scissors or a knife);
  • awl.

Step one Put the letters on a flat surfaceAnd with the help of a knife, gently cut off the top layer from them (this process does not require any significant effort from you, since papier-mache is a rather pliable material). Then set aside the cut pieces and the zigzag filler that you find inside. Step Two Now it's time to give the lettersDesired color. The spray will allow the paint to be applied evenly to the blanks, without wetting them. Perform this procedure better on the street, so as not to damage your own health and do not spoil the situation. Step Three Now on the back of eachLetters need to make a markup for the holes in which the bulbs will be passed. To do this, count the number of light bulbs and measure the length of the supposed glowing line. Remember that you need to take into account the transitions between the letters. If the selected composition does not allow the construction of a continuous line, repeated turns can easily be hidden inside the voluminous body of your letters. After calculating the distance between the lights, place the marks in the appropriate places, indicating them by, say, a cross. Step Four Using an awl to make a throughHoles in places marked with a cross. Then flip the letter and punch holes in the hole, which you later insert into the bulbs. In our case, the plafonds on the bulbs are removable, so the diameter of the holes corresponds to the diameter of the cartridges. Step Five Insert the light bulbs into the holes. Do not forget that during this process the garland should not be connected to the network! Now it only remains to include the garland inThe socket - and the luminous inscription is ready! To fix the structure, you can glue a plywood strip to the letters' bases. Now the festive mood will not leave you all year long! lexiloujewels.com