Purple interior: 7 tips for use


Do not know how to survive the cold? Paint the walls in purple! Live immediately will be more fun! And how to do it right, we'll tell you Change is always for the better, even if at first it seems different. If you are tired of gray everyday life and a dull sky above your head, immediately begin to act. No, we leave the psychiatrist for more serious cases. Autumn blues can be better treated with repair - light, cosmetic, but very tangible. For example, purple walls in the interior will turn your thoughts and feelings upside down, be sure. It is not necessary to repaint all the rooms, it is enough to choose one room or even a wall. Shall we proceed?

1. Purple walls in the hallway

With the advent of cold weather, we increasingly want bright,Enveloping shades. Those who are not yet ready to put on Violet the largest or most beloved room, it is worthwhile to do the alteration of the hallway. Here, purple can act as in a subdued lavender shade, and as wallpaper with ornament.

2. Wallpapers for purple walls

Are you bored with the violet walls? Make an accent wall and paint it with contrasting or textured wallpaper. The shade, of course, does not have to repeat the design of the walls anyway, but it is preferable to agree on two colors.

3. Purple walls in the living room

The most spectacular version of the violet living room -Support the color of the walls in individual pieces of furniture, textiles and accessories. If you want, you can cover all the furniture with purple upholstery, but in this case the room has all the chances to become too dark, even with huge windows.

4. Purple walls in the bedroom

A deep shade of walls in the bedroom can someoneScare, and someone seems to be the ideal option for creating a languid atmosphere of the boudoir. Diluted the same light shade is ideal for those wishing to visually move the walls and create a lulling atmosphere.

5. Purple walls in the kitchen

Too bright for the kitchen? By no means. This shade can perfectly shade the chrome interior in high-tech style. If it seems to you that the facade of the saturated shades of your kitchen are lost on a deep background, you are mistaken - the right shade (not too bright, not too bright, the best option - dark purple walls) has every chance to become an ideal base.

6. Carpet in violet

Purple carpet surrounded by the same wallsIt seems to you a search? This is not true. In skillful hands a rich shade of carpet can become not only a highlight of the interior, but also create a feeling of depth of space that in small rooms can be especially helpful.

7. Violet and gold

Sensation of chic in purple walls will bring goldAnd copper. These warm shades of metal in different hypostases have a whole palette of atmospheric signs - vintage, classical, modern and many others. Correctly using yellow metal in the interior, the style accent can be changed at least every day.,, guatacrazynight.Com,,,,,,,,,,, hgtv. Com,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,