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How to make an interior in the autumn warm and cozy: 5 practical tips


With the arrival of cold weather, I want to make my own interiorMore warm and cozy? Then our advice will reveal to you the secrets of creating a home that warms in any weather. Autumn time gives not only leaf fall and Indian summer, but brings with it cold. And sometimes there is such a strong nostalgia for summer days, that I want to break and go to warm countries. Unfortunately, most of us can not afford such luxury due to various circumstances, but do not despair, because you can create warmth and comfort right in your house, but we will tell you how to do it.

1. The power of fire

Well, what can warm better than real fire? This fiery element has always been a faithful friend of people, especially in cold times. In modern conditions of heating systems, of course, you should not put a stove on the wood directly in the apartment, it is enough and ordinary candles. And correctly selected candlesticks will create a complete composition that forms not only a warm home atmosphere, but also an atmosphere of romance or New Year's holidays.

2. The color scheme

A time-tested way to raise yourself for a long timeMood and get out of the autumn depression - repaint the walls in life-affirming colors. For this, citrus or spicy shades are perfect. If you are not ready for such drastic changes, then at least add bold accents in the form of bright pillows, blankets or other accessories.

3. Fur coat

No matter how cold it is, if you wear a fur coat- It immediately becomes warmer. The same thing will happen with your house, if you decorate it with objects made of fur. For this, it is not necessary to buy real fur, there are many wonderful products made of artificial material, which differs little from natural. So you will save the life of fur animals, and make your home warmer and more cozy.

4. Grandmother's lessons

Each grandmother will be delighted to learn that everythingThe trend to tie objects in the house becomes more popular. And knits can be anything: from rugs and carpets to chairs and pouffes. Such things will create a truly homely atmosphere, as well as warm in the cold autumn evenings.

5. Natural flowers

Live flowers are not only beautifulDecoration of the apartment, but also add a home cosiness to the interior. No matter which room you use them, they will be relevant absolutely everywhere and will be an excellent addition to any room. And blossoming copies also will lift your spirits.,