How to make the interior timeless: tips and examples

Today we will talk about the most durable furniture,Quality decoration of the floor, walls and ceiling, as well as those interior items that will not lose face and after 50 years you have made repairs at home, which you have long dreamed of? The new interior makes you delight? It is wonderful! But not for long ... The amazing property of the human psyche: having achieved the desired, we enjoy the results for a while, and then we start to improve, change, alter. In full measure, this applies to the design of apartments and houses. And if the decision to buy new furniture, changeWallpaper or a complete alteration of the interior is accepted, you need to think about what to take with you "into a new life." Certainly in your home and furniture, there are things that are not only solidly constructed and can serve you for many years, but will be reminded of something pleasant, what you had in the past and certainly will stay with you for years to come.

Good furniture does not need a replacement

Choosing new furniture, think, would you like toLeave it in your house forever? Furniture made of natural wood or metal is a godsend for those who appreciate practicality, convenience and versatility. New stylistic solutions will be able to bring a fresh, bright note to these subjects when the time of next changes comes. Wooden furniture is good in any case. But there are also nuances. The most durable items from oak, mahogany, cherry, merbau. Pine or birch furniture is inferior in reliability, but not in beauty and convenience. A solid array of wood is durable and very popular as a material for pedestals, chests of drawers, chairs, tables and other. Wicker furniture made of rattan or bamboo is beautiful, but it seems fragile. This impression is deceptive: it can last for half a century, and if desired, it can be decorated with fabric, leather or other materials, best of all - natural. If you decide not to limit yourself to a changeSituation, the next step is the selection of new windows. Of course, it is better to prefer plastic, which will last several decades. In doing so, you will have the opportunity to experiment with color, if you do not like the classic white version. And the doors are still better to order from wood: they are practical and have soundproofing properties. Stretch ceiling is good if you are striving for universality and beauty. The question of choosing a color or drawing a picture remains at your discretion - any option that fits with the rest of the decor will do. Another plus of the stretch ceiling is a guarantee of safety of your apartment from the fact that you will be flooded. Parquet flooring can not be changed for long: quality material guarantees a perfect appearance and performance for at least a century! The best parquet board is oak, beech, maple, birch, mahogany, ash.

To paint or draw?

Walls need to be designed so that they do notGot dirty, did not fade, did not fade and did not irritate you with their monotony. All of these drawbacks exist both in painted surfaces and in wallpapered paper. Ideally, all the requirements are met only by decorative frescoes and paintings. This is more troublesome, but it pays off a hundredfold both materially and aesthetically. By selecting this option wall design, you are 30-40 years old will enjoy a unique image that will lift your mood and complements any interior.