Apartments up to 45 sq.m.

Scandinavian odnushka, where skillfully used color


The color in the interior is one of its maincomponents. It fills the room with a special atmosphere of celebration, relaxation, or tones up and lifts the mood. How to work with color and accents correctly? Seeing an example from Sweden Looking at this piece of wilderness with a wooden staircase and a warm atmosphere, it's hard to believe that this is the terrace of an apartment in Stockholm. The yellow-brown fence looks more like the clay fence of an exotic village. The design of the "live" area, which is located on five square meters, is juicy, colorful and at the same time simple, inviting to rest. The presence of wicker objects, an old large vase and unusual decorative elements makes the setting original and interesting. The apartment we're talking about today is the result of the work of Alexander White. The designer's handwriting and style are recognizable. We recently introduced you to his project, where we united into one whole

Quiet bedroom and bright terrace

Color combination, light and decor items makeeach room of the apartment, located on 64 square meters, is individual. All the rooms in it, although they seem to be different from each other, create a single harmonious picture. The sunny terrace and cool bedroom are combined with bright color accents. For example, the pattern of the decorative pillows on the bed follows the color of the fence. The brown lights in the room echo the decor and the floor on the terrace. So that the connection between them was not interrupted, the door in the bedroom was made transparent. Since the space of the room is small, the floor, walls and ceiling were made in light colors. So it looks more spacious and lighter. Cool shades make the room feel quieter. A light background allows you to create unexpected beautiful accents: bright bedside tables, a picture in front of the bed. This color is present in small portions on the pillows and in the painting at the headboard, which has a positive effect on the overall integrity of the interior. Our opinion: - Depth, color and volume in the interior is added by a mirror, which reflects a vivid picture. Comfort and warmth are created by a fluffy carpet on the floor and an armchair covered with animal skin.

Fashionable living room-dining room

The interior of the living room looks fashionable,modern and spacious. It differs from the bedroom and the terrace, looks individual, but is closely interconnected with them - again through the white walls, floor and ceiling. Warm colors prevail against their background. Paintings, a blanket, a pouf, table lamps serve as accent juicy elements in the space. All living room items are the connecting links between the bedroom and the terrace. So that the space did not look overloaded and the effect of spaciousness was created, the furniture for this interior was selected low. The round original table by the sofa disposes to rest and communication. The same table, only slightly smaller, performs a decorative function and creates harmony in the room. Round objects have a calming effect. Metal frames and glass surfaces of the tables interact well with each other. This creates a light atmosphere in the room. A round ceiling chandelier can be considered a "tasty" decoration of the room. The living room is combined with the dining room. Each area is highlighted separately, but they all overlap with each other. The color of the table matches the sofa, the metal chairs create a single ensemble with the metal frames of the tables. The glass surface of the paintings in the dining area is organically combined with the surfaces of the tables. Glossy, glass and steel surfaces reflect light, making the space sparkle. Our opinion: - Juicy accents on a light background are a fashion trend. So it is possible to mix simplicity, restraint and bright eccentricity. The living room is best suited for experimentation.

On a note!

  • White color is a fashionable trend, it brings to the interior freshness and purity.
  • The main ability of the white color is the reflection of the sun's rays. From this, the interior seems brighter and much lighter.
  • A light color scheme is more appropriate in small rooms.
  • Light color is an excellent background for creating bright color accents.
  • The light interior is easy to change with the help of additional decor elements and pieces of furniture.
  • Eclectic interior - individual. The main thing is that all the objects in it interact with each other when mixing.