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Remake from the TV program Fazenda: repair for the advertiser Tanya


Today you will learn how the Fazenda programhas created a small paradise for women's creativity, why it is worth using paint with the addition of wax for wood, what is fleur de lis and how can you improve a watch with a classic design What, in your opinion, is the most important component of creativity? Perhaps this is inspiration, the process itself, or even the result? We think this is the third! Indeed, today we admire the result of the work of one of our designers - a creative workshop, the owners of which are the Sapozhnikov family. The head of the Sapozhnikov family is Tatiana, an advertiser by profession and a mother of two daughters by vocation. For a year now, their husband and father left their happy family forever, and since then everything in the house has been resting on fragile female shoulders. Participation in the program was a real surprise for Tatiana - a family friend wrote a letter with a request for repairs, Tatiana could only happily agree to participate in the project. With about the same positive charge to workOlga Agapova, the program designer, also started. Olga has already managed to find out about the preferences of the hostess of the house and turned her beloved Tatiana into a starting point - as a result, it was decided to design the workshop in the Gustavian style. This design direction looks much more airy and whiter than Provence, however, in contrast to the nostalgic forms of rural France, here we see a tangible severity. This style is also much less common. Olga Agapova, interior designer Graduated from the Europark 2000 design school. Likes to experiment with style combinations. The main rule is the impossibility of sacrificing functionality for the sake of beauty. The process of work did not begin in the most trivial way: the first thing that underwent transformation was the lining of the chimney. The metal frame was dressed in drywall and turned from a lack of space into a dignity. From now on, the chimney looks more like a round Swedish stove. The walls and floor of the workshop were waterproofPlates from wood shavings. Then they were ground and plastered. Some of the walls were painted in gray-blue, but the ceiling, trimmed with the most usual lining, made white. The cabinet was also left on the walls in the dressing room and painted them in the same way with the rest of the walls in gray-blue. Next, the eyes of the designer again attracted the frameSwedish stove, which was decided to undergo further transformation - it was pasted with ceramic glazed tile, made specifically for the project. To make the facing of the stove look even more elegant, each chamfer was chamfered. In the upper central part there is aA textual image of the symbol of royal power - fler-de-fis (lily). The bottom and top of the furnace, as well as the walls along the perimeter of the floor, were decorated with flexible polyurethane moldings. The author also made a very wide plinth - inPast such a reception was a symbol of chic. Textured lilies "settled" not only on the lining of the oven, but also on the walls. In order to protect the lilies from the same polyurethane from the destructive action of the sun, they were painted white and placed on a wall with a certain interval. It turned out a relief ornament, very similar to the wallpaper design. There are wallpapers in this project too.The choice fell on Swedish non-woven products with floral ornaments. At first glance, they look just like paper. As a floor covering, the designer chose a very beautiful engineering board made of moisture-resistant birch plywood with an oak top layer. The author chose the checkerboard style as the styling pattern. Olga Agapova, interior designer: - The doors for this project were made individually. The basis was a composite material, top covered with a dyed white veneer and gold patina. An additional detail - glass inserts with a bright pattern, thanks to them the doors look royally elegant. At the entrance to the workshop and dressing room, high hinged doors with relief platbands and a crown were installed. The external wiring looks the most logical. For this project, her retro version was chosen with white twisted wires, ceramic insulators and white switches in a gold frame. We chose white sconces and a chandelier made ofone collection. Woven lampshades and a carved base bring the necessary touch of tenderness and weightlessness to the interior. In order to bring the lamps as close as possible to the new environment, the author of the project Olga Agapova covered their bases with a golden patina. For the dressing room and working area as a lighting chosen classic metal chandeliers with glass shades and lighting for paintings, respectively. The textile design was selectedpractical Roman blinds made of cotton and tulle with a pattern that completely repeats the pattern of the wallpaper. A large white laminated chipboard table was installed by the window in the working area. A mobile cabinet with many shelves is conveniently placed under it. Exclusive table and curbstone - made according to the sketches of the project designer. Olga Agapova, interior designer:- We chose exclusively light-colored furniture as storage systems. For example, a shelf and a chest of drawers made of solid pine fit perfectly into the interior; for heightened effect, they were selected from the same collection. The furniture was covered with paint with the addition of wax, this gave not only the correct light shade, but also preserved the wood pattern. There is an armchair not far from the dresser. A rose cover was specially made for him. There is a coffee table next to the armchair. A forged chair was attached to the work table, like much in this interior, it was made to order according to the sketches of the project designer. Some details on the back of the chair unobtrusively echo the patterns of textiles and wallpaper. There is also a replica of the famous thing - Mora's Swedish watch in this project. Designer Inna Lukanova decorated them with the most common paint, candles and polyurethane decor specially for the project. If you are inspired by this interior and would like to reproduce it in your home, check out the list of suppliers and manufacturers of furniture and finishes used here:

  • Shelving, chest of drawers -
  • Table, curbstone -
  • Forged chair -
  • Engineering board -
  • Doors -
  • Chandeliers, bra -
  • Tiles -
  • Retrofit -
  • Swedish wallpapers -
  • English paint -
  • Polyurethane stucco -
  • Textiles, sewing -
  • Wood particle board -
  • Fresh and fresh flowers -
  • Table lamps, goods for needlework -
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