House and Cottage

Remake of the house: from the area of ​​100 meters it turned out 180 -


Today we will tell you about the reconstruction of the usualcountry house with a typical design. The area has been almost doubled, and the house itself now resembles the works of architect Zaha Hadid. We are sure that you are capable of altering your houses

To imitate a genius is not disgraceful quite the reverse, if"Replica" qualitative such a step can be considered far-sighted. In the case of the project of a house in Otopeni, which is 16 km north of Bucharest, it's not even a question of copying the style. Architects sought to connect the old 100-meter house with a new volume in the simplest and most effective way. The idea of ​​origami was in the air, and the similarity of the idea with the works of Zaha Hadid can be considered an accidental but pleasant surprise.

The result of the inspired works of the team from LamaArhitectura has become a house that to some extent can be called a rethinking of a traditional house with a pitched roof. To the old small house architects added a new volume with an open layout and solid glazing of the front walls.

As a finishing material, the authorsused not only a logical for the country house wood, but also bare concrete, insulation material and tiles. Last by the way, the incident was removed from the roof of the same house from which it all began. The tiles were cleaned from the experience of the previous life and transferred from the roof to the facade wall.

Separate delight in our opinion deserves a huge terrace. Here you can also organize a dance floor for camping for children from all over the area. Also the place will remain.