According to Fazenda's program: from the dance floor to the bedroom


Have you ever fallen asleep on a dance floor?But the heroes of the new edition of the Fazenda program will now have to practice it regularly. After all, the new bedroom of the Rodionov family has been arranged exactly where the music has recently sounded. Today, the program team was given a difficult and more than non-trivial task - to turn the dance floor into ... a bedroom. And not to lose the special drive and mood of the room. More recently, on the third floor of the dacha, Dina and Mikhail Rodionovs parted with friends to the rhythms of disco. Now the need for a dance floor has receded into the background for young spouses. They need a bedroom, which is still not in the country. Anastasia Kuzmina, designer, head of the CheviDesign studio I. Ya. Yakovleva in Cheboksary, specialty "Design". Work experience - since 2006. During this time, more than 30 objects have been implemented: apartments, country houses, offices, public premises (medical center, clergy house at a church, residential high-rise buildings, etc.) Favorite styles: European classics, American, modern with ethnic notes, modern, art -deco, eclecticism. Likes to create colorful and exotic spaces with ethnic notes. “I am constantly striving to know myself and the world around me, improve my professional skills, follow fashion trends and innovative technologies, attend exhibitions and thematic events. Therefore, I have something to offer even the most demanding client! My creative credo is attention to detail. I believe that any interior is the personification of a person's soul, an expression of his individuality, attitude, taste. The interior emphasizes the client's status and characterizes him as a person. Each interior has a character and mood, my task is to turn it into a reflection of your individuality. " The task is clear - it is necessary It is, of course, not an easy matter, but creating fun interiors is the most exciting process. This is the opinion of the project designer Anastasia Kuzmina. How to find a balance between bright emotion and comfort? The author of the project comes from Lake Baikal, and the local landscapesbecame for her a source of inspiration for all occasions. For this project, the designer chose, in our opinion,. At the heart of -. In contrast - yellow, white, blue and warm brown. Transformation of the dance floor into the bedroom begins withDismantling of the lining. First of all, new windows are installed. The inclined skylight skips light 40% more than the usual vertical. The window itself is wooden. But with a heat-insulating double-glazed window, filled with argon. And the outer glass - hardened, and the inner - triplex. If broken - fragments do not scatter. The main thing in the bedroom is warm and fresh air. We warm the roof with white polystyrene foam 50 mm thick. We lay in two layers. Its structure and heat in the attic will hold, and allow it to "breathe". This foam is designed specifically for the insulation of residential buildings. It is environmentally friendly and does not support burning. The walls are covered with vapor barrier, and the floor - moreDense film with the same properties. Further - moisture-resistant wood chipboards. Of these, a partition was built, which separates the dressing room from the room. And from the opposite side - a new fireplace portal and neat dressing tables. Fundamentally facilitates the work of the grooved joint plates. The desired effect of a real fireplace, laid out ofNatural slate, gives this most artificial stone. It completely repeats the color and texture of natural, although in its composition - cement, sand, porous fillers and pigments. The next stage is the plastering of the walls. On the patches sealed with a patter, the mixture is applied with a thin layer. In an ideal it is necessary to put two. An unusual texture effect is created by wooden3D panels. Figure embossing visually adds depth and volume surfaces. Such a wall will not exactly look boring. Against this background, the beams look better. And more natural they are added rubber jumper, imitating forged. The fireplace portal is painted in white. The surface is covered with waterproof paint, which will easily carry out a wet cleaning ... The wooden walls give a gentle shade of ivory. It will strengthen the 3D effect of the plates. The partition with decorative plaster is made rich blue. All natural shades together create an excellent combination. To prevent battery damage, they are hidden behind white screens. Anastasia Kuzmina, interior designer:- By combining different materials, you can find interesting combinations. For example, make a decorative frame for a mirror from a polyurethane socket and ordinary chips. I painted the rosette in the same color that I acquired and the wall on which the mirror will hang. While the paint was drying, I laid out the chips in a circle like rays of the sun. It is better to lay out the chips more closely to one another. The next rows should be staggered. Special glue is used - for wood. Part of the ceiling was pasted with Swedish non-wovenWallpaper with a special geometric pattern. Figures seem to be voluminous, and this changes the perception of space. On each attic window there is a specially made plastic clypeus. It snaps into metal fasteners. An engineering board of a shade goes to the floor in the bedroom"Pearl oak". Unlike parquet, for example, this board has a thicker top layer. The rest of the layers are perpendicular to each other, which makes the board particularly durable. The ivory door with a slight shallow embossing fits neatly into the overall concept of the project and almost merges with the wall. Anastasia Kuzmina, interior designer:- The owners of this room love light and music. We will offer them our light symphony. It will be performed by birch plywood lamps. Each of these shades is assembled by hand, fired and polished with wax. Simple ribbed shapes play with light in their own way, casting dynamic shadows. Dressing room - in contrasting colors of the project. Made to order according to my sketches. Its body is made of laminated particle boards. A reliable and easy-to-use option. It combines previous experience and modern requirements. Such as the Austrian ball guides with closers on the drawers. The contrast of the wardrobe will support the bedroom textiles. The entrances will cover the dark blue heavy curtains. In an organic set with them - light mesh tulle. A festive spring mood in the interior create these bright yellow curtains with flowers according to the sketches of our designer. The pattern is applied by sublimation. Curtains will not fade and the paint will not wash. Bed in the bedroom was chosen unusual, withBuilt-in spring unit in the upholstery, which unloads the mattress for a third. Orthopedic mattress - from foam of cold molding. It is an elastic, breathable material. Polyurethane springs work in the mattress as pumps - they push air out of it under pressure. But the cover is made of the fibers of the fruit of a very original tree - the Seba. Indian rug made of thin pieces of leather -an exotic attribute of the interior, but at the same time completely discreet. A mini-table to keep him company. Custom-made bedside tables are like objects from the fourth dimension - they change the space around them. Facades are opened using a push to open mechanism. No handles - just push the door. If you are inspired by this interior and would like to reproduce it in your own home, take a look at the list of suppliers and manufacturers of furniture and finishes used here:

  • Wardrobe, chest of drawers, pedestals
  • Skylights of
  • Bed, mattress
  • Chairs
  • Engineering board
  • Polyurethane beams
  • Heater
  • Electric fireplace
  • Artificial stone
  • Textiles, sewing
  • Printing on fabric
  • Door of
  • Swedish wallpaper
  • Fixtures from plywood
  • Polyurethane stucco
  • Board with three effects
  • Glassware
  • Chipboards
  • Frames, vases, candles
  • English paint
  • Decorative pillows
  • Wild flowers
  • Cornices
  • Carpet, frames, decor of