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Children's room for the boy: 3 questions to be solved

Want to make your son's childhood bright,carefree and memorable? Then equip his room accordingly. Our article will help you in this difficult matter. Parents want only the best for their children. But what can be more important than such arrangement of the child's room, through which his childhood will be fun and serene? This is the place where he will spend his first conscious years, begin to grow up and learn, so it is necessary with special responsibility to approach it. You can do this by solving the 3 most important questions.

1. Which style to choose?

If the direction is practically all clear (forthe boy is something modern), then it's much more difficult to decide on the subject matter. First you need to compare all the preferences of the child. Although the interests of the children change quickly, find out what your son really is attracted to, and then, starting from this, decorate the room in accordance with his age. A very gross mistake - the creation of an interior in the style of unisex, which would be suitable for a girl. The boy in his room should feel like a growing man, this should be his territory, bright, with contrasting colors, with boyish interests, so that his creative energy is revealed, and then he will be mischievous and cheerful. An excellent option will be the theme of sports. Encouraging the child to love an active lifestyle since childhood, you will make him healthy and hardy. Marine and "superhero" themes are good for small dreamers and dreamers. Having issued a room in the style of a traveler or a young researcher, you may push your son to science. If you decide on the automotive theme, then get a bed in the shape of a car. But when your child grows up and becomes a driver, do not be surprised by this.

2. How can I zoning a room?

In principle, the children's room can be divided intoseveral main zones. 1. Rest zone. A compact sofa-transformer or an intricate but comfortable bed is an indispensable attribute of every children's room. If the boys are two, then the bunk bed will be very useful. 2. Storage area. Depending on the size of the nursery, you can choose cabinets or shelving (for example, for books). Wall shelves also do not interfere and are suitable for collections of toys and figurines, photographs and a variety of school supplies. 3. Training zone. Older children can not do without, and the child's desire to learn directly depends on its quality. It should be perfectly illuminated in the afternoon and in the evening. Ideal for placing a desk is a place by the window, but in any case, you need to provide additional lighting in the form of a table lamp. 4. The game zone. What kind of childhood without games and entertainment? Here, a prefix, sports equipment, a Swedish wall, a rope, a traveler's kit, toys and other leisure items will find their place. But the child should understand that you should not spend all your time here. Separate the game zone from the rest can, for example, using color or wallpaper.

3. What should I look for when buying furniture?

For a boy, the best option would be a compactmultifunctional furniture that can be transformed, thus freeing up more space for different maneuvers. You can even use a wheelchair on the bed. In addition, all furniture should be strong, safe and environmentally friendly, so do not hesitate to ask the vendors in the stores for the certificates for the fittings. Built-in cabinets, shelves and drawers in the bed and table will also allow you to create more space in the nursery.,,,