What to make the ceiling in the bathroom: the pros and cons of different materials -

Do not know what to do with the ceiling in the bathroom? In our today's material, we offer you 5 finishes, with pros and cons for each. Choose!

We think a lot about the walls of the bathroom, oStorage system, the bathroom bowl and mixers. We choose them carefully and for a long time. And what about the ceilings? We think about them at the very last turn and, weakened, give preference to the simplest and most understandable option - whitewashing. But there are a lot of ways to "master" these areas. Plastering and painting

It's cheap, but time-consuming. You can do all the work on leveling the ceiling yourself, however it can take a lot of time and effort. Coloring, too, will do a good job only if you choose the right shade or ornament. However, if everything goes well, a cheap, beautiful and even ceiling in the bathroom will be your pride. Foam plastic tiles

The main advantage of this material is its simplicityUse. Stick on the tile, which will hide most of the small irregularities of the ceiling - just spit. However, if the glue picks up, the finish can gently drop to your head at the most unexpected moment. Cork Fighters for the environmentally friendly finishingMaterials can safely stop at this point and not even try to look further. You have found your ideal - the cork is natural, moisture and fire resistant, antistatic and durable. There are a lot of options for corking now: wallpapers, rolls, and panels. The installation is quite simple, and the aesthetic value is undeniable. However, if you decide to radically change the interior, the ceiling is likely to have to be remade too. The opinion of the editors The superintendents of the traffic jam openly disliked - it is far from always clear how she will behave in the bathroom. However, in our opinion, this material is ideal for toilets. The only thing that you should pay attention to is the way to mount the fixtures: it is better not to cut them, but to make them overhead. In other words, you want a cork on the ceiling - look for those who worked with it. Stretched ceiling

Beautiful, expensive, but quite boring. Tighten plastic or a special fabric that will give an excellent waterproofing to your bath, experts will help. They also install lighting fixtures - the benefit of stretch ceilings allows you to connect almost any fixtures, and the height is reduced by just a centimeter to three. This option is far from being budgetary and practically nullifying your creative impulses. In other words, "color" or decorate the stretch ceiling can not be. Opinion of the editorial It is believed that it is easiest to mount the fixtures not in tension, but in suspended ceilings, because there it can be done almost anytime and anywhere. But if you prioritize the location of the electrician and make stationary holes under the fixtures, then, in the work with tension ceilings, there should not be any difficulties. Suspended ceiling

The best choice for those looking for beauty and solidity inAll. The possibilities of this option are broad, like no other. Here you also have the opportunity to mount not only lamps, but also lighting with stained glass inserts, use the widest range of materials, up to aluminum and lining, to realize the boldest design ideas and simply turn the ceiling into a masterpiece. The obvious disadvantages of such an enterprise are only two - the cost and level of lowering the ceiling by almost 15 centimeters. However, not all minuses lie on the surface. Opinion of the editor So, after all, suspended or stretched ceiling? According to the testimony of construction supervisors who dismantled building structures in plumbing cabins, more than a palpable amount of mucus accumulates in the space between the suspended and actual ceiling due to condensate over the years of operation. But experts on stretch ceilings assure that with their designs, such problems do not arise due to the presence of ventilation holes.