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It is better to see once! Example of an ideal veranda


When reading articles about design rules, we sometimeswe wonder: does it really work? This material contains useful tips for decorating the outdoor space, and photos of a real veranda, the decor of which was created on their basis. We all roughly understand how an ideal veranda or any other outdoor space that your home possesses should look like. This very space, of course, should be comfortable and beautiful. But what exactly are the constituents of these criteria - that is the question! Today we bring you a list of "essentials" that will help you get closer to the ideal in the design of the outdoor space of your home. For illustrations, we used photographs of the veranda by Stephanie Lynn, a popular American design blogger.

Board number 1: a place where you can sit comfortably

Or comfortable seats - depending on the sizeverandas. Here it is important to approach the issue with imagination. Surely few people want to part with a large amount of money in order to purchase a comfortable Italian sofa for their veranda. However, this does not mean that you need to torment yourself on uncomfortable folding chairs. Take the time to study master classes and make your own headset from old boards or pallets. Then all you have to do is choose the comfortable seat cushions. Stephanie Lynn did just that.

Board number 2: mat

Perhaps it will surprise you, but it is the rug that allows you to zonate the veranda space. He defines a zone for rest, separating it from the so-called walking part.

Board number 3: curtains

To create a cozy atmosphere and havethe opportunity to hide from the intrusive sunlight, rest area on the veranda should be decorated with curtains. Their fabric should be heavy enough that they do not heave from the slightest blow of the wind. Or you can think over a system of fixatives.

Tip # 4: Plants

Here everything is simple. Any greenery - from violets to orange trees - will make your veranda bloom in the literal and figurative sense of the word. The main thing is to arrange pots and flowerpots so that you do not have to stumble over them.

Tip # 5: Lighting

Lanterns, torches, candles, garlands will allow youSit out on the veranda late. Thanks to them every evening, spent in the open air, will seem magical. Here, only sources of open fire are best minimized, as there is too much wood around. Believe me, a pair of candles will be enough to create a romantic atmosphere.

Tip # 6: Decorative accessories

No one canceled the aesthetic component. Such decor items, like a coffee table, pillows, paintings or other art objects are quite appropriate on the veranda. The only limitation is that they should not take up much space.

Tip # 7: portable heater

It may be chilly on the veranda in the evening, but thisdoes not mean that you have to retreat from the fresh air into a stuffy room. Make sure you have a portable heater in your pantry that you can take out at any time. In combination with a blanket, it will provide you with complete comfort. All of these points are the basis for the competent design of the outdoor space. In addition, they are very easy to implement and really effective. The proof is Stephanie Lynn's beautiful veranda, which has become the star of her design blog.