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Rug with a pattern "zigzag": a fashion accessory for the house with your own hands


Designers around the world are literally going crazy withthis simple yet very dynamic geometric pattern. Now you can also decorate the interior with a fashionable decorative rug with a zigzag pattern. Details - in our master class Zigzag is one of the most fashionable and popular patterns in the modern design world. For all its simplicity and uncomplicatedness, its broken line contains some kind of crazy dynamics. Zigzag prints can not only decorate the interior, but also completely change its character: make it more lively, expressive and sensual. For those who share our passion for zigzag, we have prepared a special master class on transferring an iconic pattern to an ordinary decorative rug. If you carefully follow all our instructions, then as a result you will become the proud owner of such a stylish designer decorative accessory. So, you will need:

  • light decorative cotton mat of white color;
  • pattern "zigzag" (you will find it below);
  • thick paper to create a stencil;
  • pencil;
  • masking adhesive tape;
  • paint for textiles (in our case, blue);
  • brush.

Editorial opinion:- The most popular are zigzag patterns made in two colors, for example, white and black, white and yellow, white and blue. Such options for contrasting colors facilitate the visual perception of the print, make it more readable. The width of the carpet in our example is 80 centimeters. The most optimal pattern sizes for it are as follows (see the template): Print the template. Transfer it to thick paper and cut it out. This is your stencil. Lean it against the carpet and circle it with a pencil. Then move the pattern downward, so that its upper part is fully in contact with the lower contour of the pattern already made. Circle the bottom of the template. Repeat this action until the carpet is finished. Glue the masking adhesive tape along the outer perimeter of each second zigzag. It will prevent unwanted ink penetration from the contours. Now, using a brush, apply the paint on the carpet fragments framed with adhesive tape (every second zigzag). When finished, gently remove the adhesive tape from the surface. That's all! You just have to wait until the paint dries, and a new unusually fashionable rug with a zigzag pattern will be ready to transform your interior.