With your own hands

How to make a mosaic mirror: a master class

Which of the girls does not dream of a mirror in a shinythe golden frame? Our today's master class will make it possible to make a mirror of its own. In the decor of any interior, mirrors play an important role. Large and small, they are like an extension of the space of the room. Mirrors reflect light, helping him to penetrate into all corners of the room. In addition, they are excellent decorative accessories (subject to their competent presentation). Therefore today, an example of the familiar model of "Malva" from IKEA, we will teach you how to turn the usual mirror into a luxurious interior decoration with your own hands. So, you will need:

  • mirror in a wooden frame;
  • white and gold acrylic paint;
  • brush;
  • self-adhesive decorative mirror mosaic (in our example - "for gold").

Background paint and mosaic colors are not selectedaccidentally. We promised to show you the birth of a luxurious decorative item, and what could be more luxurious than gold? First, attach the adhesive tape around the perimeter of the mirror surface to avoid contamination during operation. Then paint the wood frame with white acrylic paint. This is to make the next gold paint you want to look more dramatic. When the white paint dries, you can apply the primary color - gold. Now you can start to decorate the frame with gold mosaic. Thanks to the background, the gaps between the mosaic cubes will not be noticeable. Working with mosaic is a long and painstaking process. Therefore, have patience. The result is worth it! Ready! Now a luxurious exclusive mirror has appeared in your interior, which will become a real decoration of any room. loisfrances.blogspot.co.uk