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The color of the living room: examples of interiors in warm and cold shades

Color for the living room is as important asstyle. Today we will consider living rooms in gray, black, beige, blue and orange colors, as well as in other warm and cold shades. There is plenty to choose from, but the Living Room is not only a big sofa and a couple of armchairs, it is primarily an atmosphere, a mood. In the living room we spend our free time, meet guests and communicate with the family, and what kind of sensations this communication will give us depends, among other things, on the color design of the living room. Our today's selection of publications is just about that. We love deep saturated shades in the interiors and are ready to sing them odes in at least every article. So today we decided to show you how beautiful the living rooms are in blue. , minimal walls, eclecticism, and vintage will perfectly fit into such walls. The main thing is to think through all the lighting scenarios and provide space with such amount of daylight that is possible, in other words, if you do not plan to create a chamber entourage, off with heavy curtains. Black color is traditionally considered not the mostan acceptable option for interior decoration. However, in recent years, black is increasingly used as the main background for a variety of spaces. In particular, this trend can be traced to modern European houses and apartments. There is a prevailing stereotype that the gray color ininterior looks dull and homely. But few people think that it is an excellent basis for any color decisions, skillfully hides the shortcomings of the room, and also when used skillfully looks very stylish and noble. A good solution is to use a darker shade in the niche, this will visually remove the entire wall and make the space volumetric. The correct color design of the living room affectsemotional state of a person. So, the cold color scale contributes to inner peace of mind and relaxation. And vivacity and activity can be achieved with the help of warm colors. Therefore, making out the living room, you must follow certain rules and recommendations. This is what we are talking about.

The color of the sun, oranges and sand. It was once called "the new pink", now it's just good as an accent and, in our opinion, it will look great in the living room. In order not to be unfounded, we found with a successful application of this shade in the interior and even asked the interior designer Varvara Zelenetskaya to tell how best to decorate the living room with orange.

The blue sky and the orange sun are a completely natural composition. Pay attention, the owners even cups were selected for the interior.