How to create the perfect interior: the opinion and advice of the designer


You have already decided what kind of interior you think foryourself the most suitable? Are you sure that such an interior will also "choose" you? How not to be mistaken and what will help to decide - a professional designer will tell today. Having decided to make repairs, we imagine an interior where everything will, of course, be beautiful, comfortable and stylish. But why is it so often that our dreams do not coincide with the reality, which is obtained as a result of time-consuming and costly transformations? We received very useful information from a designer with extensive experience who has implemented many successful projects - Irina Kovylina. Her word. Irina Kovylina, designer, decorator Graduated from Moscow State University. She studied interior design at the Details school. She is interested in combining different knowledge into unified concepts. Irina works individually. - New Year and Christmas is a favorite holiday for many in our country. My favorite is for sure. Fun and a little magical. Something new begins, and most people dream of the future, everyone makes wishes, sets goals. Many are planning to build a house, buy an apartment or make renovations. Where do you start? Have you ever wondered what an interior is in general? In my opinion, the interior is, ideally, a cherished story invented and realized. But, unfortunately, not always beautiful. I happened to hear stories about how people bought an apartment, invested in it, but it’s unpleasant to live there, I don’t want to.

Dreams are realized together with alteration of the interior

My story as a designer began with renovationyour apartment. I remember the feeling that it was happiness! In the morning I woke up with anticipation of the pleasure of drinking tea in my renovated kitchen. And then this new feeling from the interior was felt by everyone who visited me: “it's good with you!”. And then my whole life changed. When I studied at the interior design school "Details", I noticed that, completing creative assignments, I begin to invent stories. Stories about how people live in the interior, how he supports them, makes them happy, helps, loves ... And then, working as a designer, in the same way, together with customers, I composed stories about their happy life in a new house or apartment. Stories for a mother of many children and a famous scientist, for a girl who was fond of calligraphy, and a businessman, for a family who dreamed of a baby ... While developing the project, I imagined that they were good. We imagined it together, choosing the final solution. Recently, while analyzing my completed projects, I was surprised to find that all the stories about happiness have come true. At that moment, I came even closer to understanding what an interior is: this is not at all about how to combine different ideas in a project. It is always a "materialized" story.

Energy of the room and peace of mind

Why do good stories start to come true?Why does it work this way? Why does the interior interact so strongly with us? I think there are many things that come together here. First of all, of course, the intention works: when you start renovating or buying a new home, this is how you express your readiness for change. You want something better. And therefore, the interior can create exactly those changes that will bring joy. However, one intention is not enough, since it is not always realized. Psychologists believe that a newborn perceives the surrounding reality as an integral volume. Something new is added to this volume every day. Gradually, there is so much new information, what the brain begins to process, that it is this that takes all the attention of a child and then an adult. However, the original perception of volume has not gone anywhere. You stopped noticing it, and your subconscious mind still reacts to the space (volume) in which you are. Is it harmonious? Is it holistic and whole in perception? Is it pleasant? Proportional? The first time I noticed the special energy of a particular room by accident. I was walking around the palace in Valletta (Malta) and in one of the rooms I sat down on a couch. There was a feeling that I was at home. I felt special peace and spiritual comfort. I didn't want to leave this room ... Probably, many people noticed it. The special energy of different interiors. Comparison can be made with music. It is easy to determine what influence the music has: by the sensations and state that remain after listening to it. The influence of the interior can also be determined by paying attention to the reaction of the body, emotions and thoughts.

Color is the whole world

Scientists from different branches of science study natureexposure to color. For example, Max Luscher discovered that color can be used to diagnose mental illness. Doctors use color to heal. Yes, I myself remember how in childhood my throat was treated with a blue lamp. And it always helped! Our brain constantly generates electrical signals of a certain frequency, this is a fact. And where there is electricity, there is also an electromagnetic field. Color perception is our brain's interpretation of light waves of a certain frequency. When you are indoors, these waves interact, their frequencies, their fields. Do they interact harmoniously? And again it can be compared to music. Sound waves of a certain frequency interact not only with our auditory organ, but also with the entire body. In The Secret Power of Music, David Thame argues that there is no function in the human body that is not influenced by music. It affects the body in two different ways: there is a direct effect, that is, the effect of sound on cells and organs, and there is an indirect one - through the effect on emotions, which, in turn, affect many processes in the human body. So color affects us the same way. Only the color acts even more strongly, if only because it cannot be “turned off”. And also because it influences gradually, imperceptibly.

Beauty of life is transferred to the interior

Remember how you looked at the flaming sunset. On a beautiful painting in a museum or autumn forest, on a church whitening over a river, on snow-covered glades. Remember how the spirit took over from delight and the heart of the ekalko! And this feeling of delight from observing beauty is a "pass" to the hidden and best feelings and aspirations of your soul. This is your contact with the beautiful that is in each of us. Always individual! That's why it's so important that the interior is beautiful! And it is so important that the designer with whom you work has a developed intuition and ability to feel your emotions. So where do you start? At the first meeting, they often ask me questions, whether to put a corner sofa in the kitchen, to glass the balcony or not, to buy a washstand with a "leg" or a hanging one. Of course, there are answers to all these questions. But, in my opinion, we should not start with this. And the sequence of the very first actions can be such, for example:

  • Think up your story about happiness. Perhaps you will tell her along with the designer, designing your happy life in a new interior. And a good designer will help you with this, intuitively feel and support your idea of ​​happiness, comfort, joy.
  • Invite a competent specialist whousing their knowledge, talent, intuition will offer the project of the interior, which will be broadcast every day you happy your energy, your intention.
  • Enjoy the process! And the stories that happened in my practice, with my customers, were very different. That was what they wanted. For example, a large mother a year after the housewarming said that this was the happiest year in her life. The girl, keen on calligraphy, entered the magistracy and is engaged in fonts. The family dreamed of a baby, twins were born. The customer, who loved to sing, began to take vocal lessons. How many interiors - so many stories.
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