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How to arrange an "elite interior" for delivery inrent? What can you save on and what not? How to plan your kitchen correctly? How to make affordable furniture look like a million dollars? The best aesthetic and engineering solutions for the most comfortable life - a real example of Borisov Project Rational Minimalism. This is the description that best suits this apartment. 240 meters of total area in an elite building. Moreover, "elite" in this space does not mean super-expensive items or catchy finds, but the quality of life and exceptional convenience of daily use. The architectural bureau "Borisov project" calls the customer of this project "serial" - it is a long-time partner and like-minded person, understanding with whom is achieved without further ado. Alexander Borisov, Director of Borisov Project LLC. Graduate of the Faculty of Architecture, VKTU (East Kazakhstan Technical University). Studied computer graphics in depth. In Moscow, he began cooperation with the elite furniture salon Indesign. And then he began to work with the leading Russian architect Ivan Shalmin. In 2004, he organized his own studio "Borisov Project", which is engaged in the creation of residential and public facilities. “Cleanliness and laconic design” - this is how Borisov Project defines the meaning and purpose of its work. Layout Apartment in an elite new buildingwent to the architects in the form of a blank slate, in other words - “bare concrete”. In the final version, we got three spacious rooms, a hall, a kitchen-dining room and two bathrooms. The ceilings, initially three meters high, dropped to an average of 2.8 meters due to the installation of the necessary equipment: supply and exhaust ventilation and air conditioning systems. In addition to a pleasant atmosphere in the house, air handling units significantly save energy and reduce costs. Alexander Borisov, architect:“Correct,” smart home appliances should work like climate control in a good car - clearly and silently. It's good if you live in a private house in a pine forest or in an apartment overlooking the park - you can get by with traditional ventilation. And if your windows are looking at Tverskaya or at the third transport ring? Then you cannot do without good ventilation. Work in the firm "Borisov project" always beginsFrom calculations and measurements. If we are talking about a private house, the architects take into account in the project itself all the basic elements of both engineering systems and furniture - such as kitchen for example. It is impossible to do this in an apartment, but to calculate everything at once seemingly obvious, but such sharp reefs that accompany any repairs are quite real. Elite IKEA A striking example of a rational approach tothis space is the kitchen. A minimalist and functional design with a large island and perfect proportions, actually from IKEA. But pretty much finished by experienced designers. The "secret of the firm" is not so simple. The task is to fit the structure into a given room in such a way as to place commensurate and capacious multiple cabinets. Architects do not like small boxes that visually crush monolithic furniture. Alexander Borisov, architect:- We prefer to use at least 60 cm modules, in the lower tier - retractable ones. It looks nice and is very convenient to use - everything you need can be beautifully marked there. In addition, the elongated, even shape looks more harmonious and balanced. The tabletop was ordered separately. Thanks to artificial stone and high-quality fittings, kitchen furniture looks much more expensive than it actually is. Not to mention the convenience of seamless designs and concise details. The architects are convinced that for maximum comfort one extractor hood above the hob, even the most powerful one, is not enough. There are also smells in the work area and at the sink. Therefore, they usually put two hoods on a standard design, which distribute the ventilation flow in the desired directions. This approach provides convenience for all family members in open spaces - the living room does not turn into a kitchen, even if a dinner party is being prepared at the latter. Details The style and polish of the space givelaconic but solid details, quality materials and clear geometric shapes. Even the switches, sensors and consoles of the main systems - of the German company Jung - are elegant, comfortable rectangles made for decades. The oak floor and cork on the wall behind the TV are organic textures that add warmth and comfort to the interior. Alexander Borisov, architect: - When we work with a private client, our main task is. Don't be super fashionable. A concept apartment, like a car at an exhibition, is good for parties, receptions and accommodating guests for a while. A house for the daily life of a family must first of all be competently planned, because it is the layout of the space that sets the algorithm of life. How to use IKEA kitchens in designer interiors. Know-how of Alexander Borisov

  • Even the simplest furniture from IKEA can be madeLook at a million if it is right and convenient to plan and supplement with quality accessories. Start with the selection of suitable for the design of the facades laconic cabinets (glossy or steel for example) and carefully measure the space in which you plan to install them.
  • Try to calculate the design of the kitchen in such a way that the dimensions of the sections are the same or multiples and not crushed by small details.
  • For the lower tier, choose large drawers and drawers. These are much more convenient to use, and the result will look better.
  • To fit all the necessary equipment, use high column cabinets.
  • Please try to order a tabletop separately. Artificial stone or wood will give the whole kitchen not only finished, but also expensive, exclusive look.
  • Pay special attention to quality and beautiful accessories. In most cases it's the little things, like the color and shape of the pens, that strike the eye first.
  • Think about the location and quantity of householdTechniques. The better you will be able to "build" these elements into the design, the less kitchen furniture will remind of the dining room, and the more - about the living space. Do not forget about the usability: a microwave and a wind panel, for example, should not be placed too high - it's inconvenient and dangerous.
  • Thoroughly consider the ventilation of the kitchen-dining roomspace, especially if it is combined with the living room. Ideally, the recreation area should not feel "working" smells, so hoods in such spaces should be quite powerful.
  • Kitchen IKEA, Model Method / Tinsgride Kitchen IKEA, model Method / Weding IKEA Kitchen, Model Method / Brochult IKEA Kitchen, Model Method / Grevsta IKEA Kitchen, Model Method / Nodsta Kitchen IKEA, model Method / Weding