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We decorate a small kitchen: 20 non-standard ideas -


A small kitchen and its decor is a taskincreased complexity for both apartment tenants and designers. But there are many simple and original solutions that will help achieve good results. We made for you a selection of interesting accessories and useful ideas for decorating a small kitchen. A small kitchen is difficult, but not a diagnosis. A small room wins due to the fact that it is easier and easier to create a truly homely cosiness. It is only right to solve the problem of zoning, lighting and decoration. Let's see what parameters should be paid attention in the first place.

Details make the interior

Very often, the decor of a small kitchen takesmuch longer than its layout. A small room, which is designed to accommodate a lot of useful things, does not dispose to excesses. But there are several basic rules that will help you to properly decorate the room and visually enlarge it. Pay attention to the choice of furniture. Better to use the built-in one, or the one that designers fondly call "flying structure". If the cutting table is placed in the center of the kitchen, then at the same time it can be used as a cabinet and as a place for storing cutlery. To create a cozy home atmosphere, use cookbooks, small vases (vertical), beautifully designed pepper shakers and salt shakers in sets, wicker baskets, clay or stone accessories. This is appropriate even if your apartment is decorated in a modern style.


Interior accents are another story.Excellent results can be achieved with their help. If the whole room is kept in light colors, and curtains, vases or cabinet doors are decorated with contrasting colors, this will help focus on the decor, and not on the area of ​​the room. Remember that any bright island of color attracts attention, makes the room visually warmer (not to be confused with temperature perception). The list of visual "usefulness" includes hand-made paintings, vases, dish stands, shelves for glasses and bottles, stands for knives, for books.


By itself, the decor is moreaesthetic component of the project. But in some cases it performs quite specific tasks. For example, recreating the elements of some style or era of time. Pay attention to pendant lamps with stoppers from bottles, a color mat on the floor, striped vases in the style of Provence. It would seem, not a fundamental trifle, but it is worth removing them - and this will not be a cozy kitchenette of a village house, but a kitchen in an apartment of young contemporary artists. Our opinion: - Everything is based on color.If the kitchen is small, you should give preference to light shades. Against the backdrop of light walls, any contrasting decor will work as a powerful accent. So, against a creamy background, mint-colored dishes and watercolors will look like elements of the Provence style, and red flower pots and curtains with ruffles will take you to England at the beginning of the last century. Try to maintain proportions. A small kitchen should not have too large decor, otherwise the effect of "Alice in Wonderland" will appear. And don't be afraid to experiment, what you think is an interior nightmare can make your kitchen visually more spacious, beautiful and cozy. Go for it!