Decoration of walls in the living room: tips for interior design

There are many design optionsliving room - the main room in the house. Each owner wants to decorate it in the best way, because it is here that guests are welcomed. Well-designed decoration of the walls in the living room, the right choice of furniture and decor make this room really a parade. Below are some examples of how you can decorate the walls of the hall, decorated in different styles. Drapery from silk fabricsFigure 1. Drapery from silk fabrics well suited to the eastern design of the living room.

How to decorate the walls in the living room

The basic rule is thatthe appropriate decor is selected depending on the chosen design. The decoration of the walls emphasizes the interior, complements it, places the necessary accents. So, if you want to emphasize the exoticism of the East, you need to think about how to buy and hang on the walls of eastern miniatures. You can create a drapery of silk fabrics (Figure 1). Naturally, furniture and other accessories must match this style of decoration. Figure 2. Wall shelves, located on both sides of the fireplace, make the living room modern and stylish. If the living room is decorated in a rustic style, it can be emphasized by carved wooden boards, plant bundles, natural wood panels and other attributes characteristic of such a design. If the living room is furnished with strict modern furniture, then the wallpaper with a classic large pattern or a picture in a carved frame and a carpet on the wall will not be combined in any way. For small apartments, with the design of which is increasingly used minimalism, in the walls you can make niches that will decorate the room and serve as additional shelves. If the living room is designed in the style of Provence, you can hang porcelain dishes on the walls, and if in the classical style - paintings in heavy frames. Each wall of the room should exactly complement the chosen style of decoration, and not look like a foreign element in the interior. But before decorating anything with walls, they should be given a suitable background. For classics, this wallpaper with a large pattern, and for minimalism - just flat surfaces painted in light colors. In small living rooms, walls painted with high-quality water-based paint are found most often. But it should be taken into account that the finish turned out really high-quality, the surfaces should be perfectly even. Back to contents</a> Decoration of walls with finishing materials If inthe room has a fireplace, even if it's an imitation, then a wall, partially lined with natural or artificial stone, will look very good. Decorate the wall in the living room, if there is a fireplace, you can and many other ways (Figure 2). Figure 3. Sconces are often used to decorate walls, as they not only decorate the interior of the living room, but also give off a certain light zone. In some interiors, the walls look good under the brick, and the living rooms in small apartments become visually larger from the correctly chosen photo wallpapers or from the placement of mirrors. A variety of materials can be used to make the interior of the living room as original as possible. It can be plastic or wooden panels, Venetian plaster, ceramics, stone and even mirror tiles. In ethnic interiors, drapery is actively used. As already mentioned, the design options do not count, you just need to ensure that there is harmony between the walls and the overall design of the room. If you decorate the walls with a painting or a sticker of wallpaper, for example, with a beautiful view, you should make sure that the painting or wallpaper is not covered by furniture and other accessories. The same applies to the design of surfaces with mosaic patterns. In addition, a wall with a painting, wallpapers or mosaic should be well lit. You can use natural lighting, if it's enough, and you can make a highlight that will be beneficial to highlight the picture. Quite often the walls are decorated with sconces, which not only serve as an element of decor, but also allow to allocate a separate light zone in the room. For example, a corner with soft furniture or a large sofa (Figure 3). Today, the design of the living room in retro style gets a big spread. People set round tables, slides - old furniture, which was used by their grandmothers. They hang large crystal chandeliers. If you chose this style of design, then it will be remarkably emphasized by several old photos of 50-60 years ago. Anything can be depicted on them. The main thing is the color. Modern photos, however, will look alien in such an interior. Using advice on the arrangement, recommendations on how to make the decoration of the walls, each person will be able to decorate the room with their own hands by all the rules, without even resorting to the services of professional designers. The main thing here is to observe the sense of proportion and find the very harmony between each design element that makes the interior really magnificent.