The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Redevelopment and design of a two-room apartment of 60 square meters. M: photo 3 interior projects

Sometimes it's hard to imagine how muchThe design changes the interior. Today we will show you 3 different variants of arrangement of the same two-room apartment. The article will be useful to everyone who is going to do repairs. The landlady of the apartment is an intelligent woman who leads an active lifestyle. Bold proposals of architects, arising in the process of design development, were supported by the customer. Sometimes the contrast of different stylistic strokes and techniques was discouraging. As a result, the combination of seemingly elements resulted in an interesting and unusual representation of the interior. Stepan Bugaev, interior designer Graduated from MIPT with a master's degree in physics and SU HSE with a Master's Degree in Business Informatics. Has its own design studio, under his leadership, more than 500 design projects have been implemented. Included in the top 100 best designers, according to the leading interior edition of AD. He is a teacher of the School of Design of the Higher School of Economics, conducts the author's course "Interior Design. Rules for creating a successful project. " Performs with open lectures on the topic of interior design and writes articles for leading interior magazines and portals. The general idea of ​​the projects The landlady of the apartment is a stylish, modern woman, open to new ideas - she generally prefers quiet classical style without using ruffs, curls, stucco molding and gold; Smooth furniture without candelabra; muffled light. The customer's wishes for the interior were as follows:

  • A single space kitchen, living room and dining room,
  • The organization of a zone for reading books,
  • organization
  • Comfortable bathroom.

Initially, the standard layout of the apartment is notMeeting the desired requirements. Therefore, various variants of the redevelopment were made, taking into account the division of the space into the bedrooms, the living-dining room, the kitchen and the bathroom. Even several variants of interior solutions for one room can be diametrically opposed in their performance. Sometimes it is just such a wide amplitude in the range of design possibilities that you can compare and choose what you like. In all three projects, designer furniture and accessories became the center of the interior composition. 1. Design project "Three Chocolates" The main task is to make a small apartment an interior combining two zones: a place for meeting with family and friends and a secluded space for rest and appeasement. 2. Design project "Tea Rose" The design of the apartment is made using the shades of tea rose and pastel white tones. In the process of redevelopment, a large bathroom was formed, combined with a toilet, a living room combined with a kitchen, and the vestibule is separated only by a rack. 3. Design project "Oxymoron" This option, chosen as a result for implementation, is a combination of various elements of decoration and decoration of premises. Thus, the individual zones of the apartment differ in style: the bedroom is decorated in soft pastel colors, and the common area is in contrasting colors and a mixture of high-tech and loft styles, which are emphasized by brickwork on the walls and the finish of the crossbar with metal plates. Also added a classic element of the ceiling decoration - a ceiling dome that formed a niche where the Vistosi lamp of unusual shape was placed, which is a kind of leading link in the interior. It was necessary to take into account the place for a small hallway, which was achieved by using partitions located in relation to each other at different levels. Re-planning For the redevelopment of the premisesIt was required to make the dismantling of the walls in the whole apartment, after which there were crossbars protruding 50 cm from the ceiling slab, they were to be zadkorirovat. Dividing the space into two zones, the designers got a spacious living-dining room and an equally spacious bedroom. In a small bathroom originally planned the placement of a bath, toilet bowl and sink. But in the process of working out the project it was decided to replace the bathtub to increase the space of the room, also to save space, a flowing water heater, a washing and drying machine was decided to be placed in the formed niche between the plumbing pipes. In general, the process of implementing the design project took about a year. Materials, Brands and Finish In this projectSpecial attention was paid to the choice of lighting equipment and original ceiling lamps. Vistosi, Fabbian, Vibia were already selected. Kitchen-living room:

  • Modular sofa bed - Pianca,
  • Kitchen - Leicht,
  • Lamp - Vistosi Naranza,
  • Built-in lighting system - Panzeri,
  • Doors - Chameleon,
  • Floor tiles - Aparici Reaction Beige,
  • A massive board - "Doussia"
  • Ceiling dome - Orac Luxxus.


  • Bed - Ninfea from Ingenia Casa,
  • Bedside lamps - Melampo tavolo,
  • Armchair - Vitra,
  • Furniture composition - Mr. Doors.


  • Plumbing - Aveo, Villeroy & Boch,
  • Moisture resistant lighting - Vibia,
  • Wall tiles - La Faenza.

Stepan Bugayev's advice on the design of the apartment:

  • If there is such an opportunity, the organization of a unified zone of the kitchen, living room and dining room will allow space to appear more spacious.
  • Bright walls look bright accents - for example, graphics or a brick of red color.
  • Do not make narrow corridors and small concoctions.
  • Multi-level lighting can vary depending on the lights on.
  • Case furniture when selected in the color of the walls can merge with the interior without overloading it.
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