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Design curtains for the bedroom: 21 practical interior decoration ideas


Select curtains for the bedroom, corresponding to herDesign and style, it's not only important, but also extremely entertaining. From our today's article you will learn how to correctly do this in accordance with modern trends and common sense

There are very few things without which the bedroom is notwill be the bedroom. The first is, of course, the bed. The second is the curtains. Judge for yourself - you can do without a wardrobe, carpet, bedside table and even without a door. But without curtains on the windows you will not be able to fully relax. Material

Select curtains for the bedroom, too, you must be able to. First, it is necessary to determine their purpose. Are the windows facing the sunny side? We're looking for dense black-and-black blinds. In the windows you can see the neighboring house? We supplement the set with a translucent tulle - such curtains let light through the day and at the same time preserve the secret of private life. The sun does not often look at your windows? Forget about heavy curtains and choose something light and natural. Colour

Textiles are a great way to show yourCreative self and change the atmosphere in the room. However, curtains are too large for contrasting textures, so it's better to make pillows, bedspreads and blankets, and the curtains to match the tone to the background. By the way, curtains that repeat the basic color solution help to create a sense of cocoon and, as a consequence, a sense of comfort and security. Length

It is now fashionable to select curtains longer than the wall on10-15 cm. Characteristic creases, especially on heavy fabrics, look elegant and at the same time slightly sloppy. If the double-glazed windows suddenly gave slack, curtains completely covering the wall can also protect against colds. Decor

The market now offers a great varietyOptions for curtains for bedrooms. Among them can be found as minimalistic curtains with neutral color design and complete lack of detail, and complexly composed textile compositions made from various materials and ornaments. Of course, this kind of curtains must match the environment. If your bedroom is decorated in oriental, ethnic or in the style of a cheek, the decorative variety will go blind only for the good. The pickups

This item is optional, but it is acceptable. In addition, picks can be created independently from bored jewelry, old door handles, ribbons or even cutlery.