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Bedroom interior design: 7 tips for the pros


How to create a bedroom in which will be the sameEasy to fall asleep and wake up, how many lighting scenarios are needed and why one can not give an unambiguous answer about the color design of the ideal bedroom - read in our new material

In the kitchen, we prepare food and are filled with strength, inWe meet guests and relax, the bathroom helps to maintain hygiene and create beauty, but the most important room in any interior was and remains a bedroom - a room where we disconnect from the world, restore strength and every morning we regain ourselves.

Today we decided to talk with a professional designer Ekaterina Semykina about what an ideal bedroom consists of and how to turn it into one. Ekaterina Semykina, interior designer

Designer, art critic, graphic artist.

In 2007 she graduated from MGUKI, the faculty of cultural studies, specialization - "World Art Culture and Art".

Since 2006 he has been engaged in interior design.

Catherine is involved in all stages of the project,Starting from the planning decision, selection of furniture and finishing materials, working drawings for builders, 3D-visualization or conceptual sketches and ending with the author's supervision.

Works in all architectural and interior styles.

He always brings a touch of individuality of his customers to the interiors. 1. Ergonomic space

Proper layout of furniture in the roomIt is necessary to work out before the beginning of repair, so that you can move "with your eyes closed." It is necessary to avoid a large number of separately standing objects, excessive massiveness and gigantism. Everything should be functional and harmonious. 2. Climate control

When on the street +35, and in the bedroom +40, this clearly does not promote a healthy sleep. Therefore, compliance with the temperature and humidity levels in the bedroom is very important. 3. Lighting

The atmosphere of the bedroom should give tranquility andRelaxation, so lighting plays a very important role. It is best to think several levels of light: the top (chandelier), the background (around the perimeter) and, of course, sconces or lamps near the bed. Each lamp should turn on automatically when entering the bedroom and be duplicated by the bed. 4. Soundproofing

Sound insulation not only absorbs noise, which comes from the bedroom, but also protects sleep from external stimuli, for example from loud neighbors, working TV, etc. 5. Mattress and pillow

A comfortable mattress and pillow are necessary so thatOnly to comfortably fall asleep, but also to wake up fresh and rested. If we consider pairs that have different requirements for the mattress, then you can use not one mattress, but two, for example, one half harder, and the other - softer. 6. Colors

Most often when choosing the color solution of the bedroomPastel colors are used. But there are also many people who like bright or dark colors, and the pastel range for them will be an irritant. Therefore, there is no single recipe for a shade solution. The main thing is to avoid aggressive colors and sharp contrasts. In general, the color palette should bring peace and tranquility to the interior of the bedroom. 7. Design

The interior of the bedroom can be varied withTextile design (curtains, bedspreads, pillows). You can use an independent floor covering, for example instead of a massive board lay carpet - it will give more coziness. If the rest of the interior in the design of the walls using paint, then in the bedroom can be a wallpaper or a combination of wallpaper and paint. The bedroom is an independent private area, but the bedroom space should be in harmony with the style of the interior in general. And now let's see how the above works on a real example of the interior designer Ekaterina Semykina

In this project, thanks to a small dressing roomManaged to abandon the cabinet and leave in the room only a large bed with a high soft headboard (Dream Land) and two tables of MDF, painted in a single tone with the door. At the window we built a small shop with a soft mattress and own lighting, where you can sit comfortably at the reading of the book. On each side of the window there are two built-in shelves that hide behind curtains. The shape of the curtains is also chosen not accidentally, directly on the window - the Roman curtains, and the second as it fences the area of ​​the bench from the rest of the space, giving it a camera. Also on the contrary, you can see the built-in bookshelf with a wide frame. Design by Ekaterina Semykina

In addition to autonomous lighting in the area of ​​the shop, inThe interior has three levels of light: a chandelier, recessed lamps at the corners of the ceiling and, naturally, a sconce over the bedside tables near the bed. Two levels of the ceiling are separated by eaves of polyurethane (Orac Decor), and in the center - a chandelier with white shades. Design by Ekaterina Semykina

In the design of the walls there are wallpapers and paint: Wallpaper behind the head of the bed was pasted, and the rest of the walls were painted in the color that is present in the wallpaper picture. It turned out a very beautiful and cozy gray-blue color scheme, which is supported by textiles. The flooring is laminate. The floor plinth is made of polyurethane, painted in the tone of the doors. Design of Catherine Semykina In fact, in the interior of the bedroom I use only two colors - white and gray-blue. Even a laminate of the color of classic oak does not break this harmony. Design by Ekaterina Semykina