The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

One-room apartment design: 59 meters in light colors

Neoclassicism in the male interior is an infrequent guest,But this project was an exception. Probably, that's why the style looks a little more restrained and calmer. If you have been looking for a modern classics with a light touch of brutality, then to you

The authors of this project, Lydia Bolshakova and AlleGnatashan, it was easy to work - all decisions were made quickly, and the customer set clear goals. Probably, that's why the interior turned out to be organic, restrained and at the same time quite spectacular. Lidiya Bolshakova, designer Graduated from the Kuban State Technological University and the Higher School of Design of the Moscow Institute of Architecture. For eight years of successful work has implemented more than 40 author projects. Currently, Lidia Bolshakova is the founder and head of the studio NW-Interior.

- The customer is a young man, his wishes consisted in creating a discreet interior in the style of modern classics.

Initially, the apartment was one-room, at the request of the customer, we, and for the bedroom allocated a small space behind the sliding doors.

The color solution is a monochrome gamma: a spectacular floor made of porcelain stoneware under black marble and light, almost white walls.

Virtually all furniture in the kitchen-living room (and cabinet, and soft, and kitchen) was produced by the company "Elfis". Did about two months.

Bed in the bedroom and bedside tables - from "American interiors".

For the finishing of the walls, poly-urethane moldings Europlast and Benjamin Moore paint were chosen - it has nice colors and it fits well on the surface.

Indoors used:

  • Doors - the company "Art-groups on Nakhimovsky";
  • Floors - the Coswick factory, Ash Wenge;
  • Porcelain stoneware - factory Iris Ceramica, Black Night;
  • Dark floor - customer's wish;
  • Tile in the bathroom - factory Fap Ceramiche, Frame;
  • Ceiling gypsum cornices - the company "Arcada".

Lighting was selected in accordance with - a suspension over the dining table, a chandelier in the sofa area, work area lighting and additional spot lighting.