Apartments more than 90 sq.m.

Design of a three-room apartment: eclectic and pastel colors


Interiors in coffee shades like almost everything. The same goes for the American style - everybody loves it, too. The apartment, which we will show you today, combines both the popular style and the winning color scheme

The customers of this project wanted a newthe layout included a corridor with a dressing room and a bathroom; combined area of ​​the kitchen, dining room and living room; parental bedroom with dressing room and bathroom; a nursery with a dressing room; laundry and pantry. The authors fully satisfied the request - high ceilings, a decent area and, of course, the talent of the designers themselves helped. Ekaterina Saraeva, Anna Domnikova, Tatiana Plesser, DESAPT:

Several years ago, having behind one's shouldersHigher education, graduated from the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts, Modern timeline of design, where they became familiar, became friends and realized that now the design of interiors is not just a favorite profession, but also a lifestyle.

The design studio implements interiors of any kind - from private to public, from apartments and cottages to offices, bars and restaurants.

In their work, girls are guided by the principle: there are no two identical projects, since the most important detail when creating an interior is his idea, but it is always individual.

The studio's motto is: "We do not do standard projects, we make your dream come true and create a mood."

The apartment is styled to American style withSmall eclectic elements. The interior is filled with saturated pastel shades, such as warm brown, gray, beige, olive, graphite and white. Various light scenarios were used to correctly illuminate, highlight and beat the room.

According to the designer's sketches, it is planned to orderKitchen set with an island, wardrobes in two dressing rooms and laundry; Panel for a bathroom made of stone and a structure made of plasterboard in a nursery with mezzanine level, as well as a variety of multi-level ceilings and podiums, niches with glass inserts and lights.

The kitchen set was made by the company Virs, in just six months the authors received excellent German quality, equipped with Neff, Falmec and Liebherr techniques.

For the living room the sofa of Albert &Shtein. Preference for this brand is given first of all due to a huge variety of sofas-transformers and absolutely amazing, according to the authors of the project, a selection of textiles. Folding tables - BoConcept.

In the bedroom, the furniture items of the companyFrom Dream Land. The bathrooms are equipped with appliances from Grohe, Hansgrohe and JacobDelafon. The colors are chosen from the variety of Manders, the floors are made by Finex, and the doors are made by Volkhovets.

The interior uses a variety of sockets, moldings, skirting boards, platbands, wall panels, as well as a variety of overlaid decor.