The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Eclectic in the design of a three-room apartment: a bright interior in an unusual color combination

To fans of eclecticism is dedicated. Moorish arches, the African desert, Lina Cavalieri's famous face, red arched openings, turquoise doors - all in a typical but definitely untypical Moscow apartment. A professional designer should be able to satisfy all customer's requirements. However, what if the customer does not have a clear idea of ​​the style of the interior? What if all his wishes are blurred and contradictory? How to combine the incompatible, create an original, harmonious and positive interior, reflecting the inner world of its inhabitants? According to the leading architect and designer of the architectural bureau "Kapitel" Elena Bulagina, the answer to all these questions is one word -. Elena Bulagina, architect Leading architect and designer of the architectural bureau "Kapitel". She is a graduate of the Samara State Architectural and Construction University, (Faculty of Architecture). The author of numerous projects of residential and public premises. Elena's works were published in prestigious print publications: "Re-planning", "Beautiful apartments", "Ideas of your house", "Best interiors". Inhabitants of this typical Moscow treshka are a married couple and their son-student. The head of the family is often abroad. Inspired by the spirit of travel and imbued with the charm of Arab countries, he, in turn, instilled a love for Middle Eastern culture to his wife and son. Therefore, reflecting on the interior of dreams, the family represented a bright, boring space in which oriental motifs intertwine with modern elements. At the same time, the landlady was not indifferent to such styles as Empire and Art Deco. And his son wished that the design of his room differed restraint and functionality. Strangely enough, but it was this entire mix of contrasts and contradictions that later became the basis of a harmonious and distinctive interior. For help in the implementation of their interiorFantasy customers turned to the architectural office "Capital" - and did not regret it. Architect-designer Elena Bulagina has found a way to fulfill the wishes of all family members and created an unusual interior kaleidoscope in an eclectic style that filled the space with exotic color and a positive mood. Moreover, the author of the project managed to optimize the basic standard layout of the apartment, without affecting the capital walls. The dismantling of the partition between the living room and the hall increased the area of ​​the smaller bedroom from 11.4 to 19.7 square meters. This planning solution made it possible to turn the smallest room into a living room, and the closest place to the entrance door was to take his son to the bedroom. Clever! Student parties end late, which means that the shorter the distance from the entrance to the apartment to your own room, the less the risk of waking your parents. Elena Bulagina, architect-designer: - If the customers do not have a clear idea of ​​the style of the interior, the best solution is to turn to eclecticism. It allows you to use a mix of different styles, build an individual interior, maximally focused on customer preferences and their ideas about the ideal space. The clear contours of the established styles of interiors are blurred and something new, elegant, beautiful and positive turns out. To create a positive mood, ElenaBulagina used for the interior design bold active colors: red, blue, yellow. However, she managed to avoid the shock effect, balancing them with white, as well as turquoise, beige and golden hues. An example of one more successful use of active colors in the interior you will find. During overseas trips, the head of the family liked oriental patterns. Therefore, the floor in the kitchen is decorated with an ornament resembling an Arabian ligature, and the original arch that replaced the door is made in Moorish style and painted in a flashy red color. In its support is no less noticeable red plinth. The contour image of arches and columns with capitals also emphasizes the thematic mood of the interior and creates a fashionable effect of the contrast wall. However, this contrast is not traditional bright, but on the contrary - muffled, softening the riot of the surrounding color palette. Bathroom, combined with a bathroom, continues to show non-standard color combinations. Here turquoise harmoniously coexists with shades of brown and yellow, creating an association of oasis in the Arabian desert. The hidden functionality of the room does not immediately strike the eye. In a special niche space for a large-sized washing machine and household shelves, skillfully masked with decorative blinds. The bedroom of the son, unlike other rooms,Decorated in calm neutral tones. Ceilings of the ceiling with built-in lights emphasize the contours of the room, and the glossy insert (stretch ceiling) increases the space of the room vertically. The cool color of the ceiling, according to the idea of ​​the author, should be associated with a clear blue sky stretching over the desert. All rooms are furnished with vintage furniture, decorated with lamps, textiles and accessories in oriental and classical styles that suit the tastes of both spouses. In the living room, a lighter in the form of a cello throws himself into the eye, which turned out to be not accidental. He is a reminder of the hostess's youth, dedicated to playing this musical instrument. In the design of the walls are actively used, for example, in the main bedroom you can see just four of their varieties. In the son's bedroom there are wallpapers with a picture of the desert, in which he fell in love while traveling with friends to Mongolia. This detail also acts as a link between the stylistics of the room and the general idea of ​​the interior of the apartment. In the kitchen, the wallpaper depicts a stylized arcade, whose ornate pattern intertwines with a complex pattern of floor mosaic. For the functional component of the interior is answered by long and deep sliding-door wardrobes, which are equipped in the corridor and in both bedrooms.

In the interior were used:

  • Light - Odeon (Italy), Possoni (Italy), L'Arte Luce (Italy);
  • Furniture in the son's room - Leone (Dolfi) (Italy), sofa - made in Russia;
  • Furniture in the living room and kitchen - Roy Bosh (USA / Russia), Karma;
  • Wallpaper in the hallway - XXL (Elitis) (France);
  • Wallpaper in the living room and bedroom - Fornasetti (Cole & Son), Wall Vision Swedish Group (England / Sweden);
  • Photopanno in the son's room - ASCreation (Germany);
  • Paint - Baldini (Italy), Crown Paints (England);
  • Cornices - "Europlast" (Russia);
  • Parquet board - Polar Wood (Finland);
  • Ceramic tiles - Peronda (Spain), collections Francisco Segarra and Candella;
  • Suspended ceilings - Decken (Russia);
  • Plumbing - Kaldewei (Germany);
  • Towel dryer - Neoinox (Czech Republic);
  • Washing machine - Bosch (Germany);
  • Sockets and switches - Jung (Germany);
  • Accessories - Hansgrohe (Germany).

Visualization is provided by designer Elena Bulagina