The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Unusual bachelor apartment in Kiev: what men want


What storage problems do they havemen? If you think that only girls always have nowhere to put their things, be sure to read our article How do you imagine a man's apartment? A dark, concrete-filled and unkempt bedroom? Modern men value coziness and comfort no less than women, and sometimes even more. Two girls from the Bohostudio design bureau undertook to understand the male customer and create a comfortable and beautiful home for him. Elizaveta Pyshneva, designer Graduated from the Nikolaev Shipbuilding University with a degree in interior design. In 2013, she organized her own studio Bohostudio together with Yulia Tyuryakova. The girls have been working together for several years, during this time they have developed an excellent understanding not only of each other, but also an excellent idea of ​​what the customer wants. In the interiors, they try to create complete comfort, functionality and display the character of its inhabitants in the room. Yulia Tyuryakova, designer Graduated from the Nikolaev Shipbuilding University with a degree in interior design. Then the Kiev State University of Decorative and Applied Arts. Boychuk with a degree in environmental design. In 2013 she started working in her own studio Bohostudio. The owner of this apartment is a young and very active man. He is fond of extreme sports, travels often and a lot: business trips or tourist trips. Most of all he loves Europe and, in particular, London. The apartment is located in Kiev. The original layout of this apartment was extremely unfortunate. For this reason, the designers changed the places of the kitchen and the room, combined the kitchen with the living room, corridor and balcony. The result is a bright and fairly spacious room for 56 square meters. In separate zones, the girls isolated only the bedroom and the bathroom. The young customer wanted modern, but not toominimalistic interior. It was supposed to be pleasant to relax in the evening from work, to receive guests in a comfortable and warm atmosphere, or to have a small party. So the main task was to create a bright and functional interior in a modern style, complemented by bright furniture and decor elements. Julia Tyuryakova, designer:- Separately, we have thought out storage systems. Yes, men also have a problem with keeping things. Not like the girls, of course. We are talking about sports equipment, which the customer had in huge quantities: boards, wake, sportswear. So we came up with a large multifunctional wardrobe that combines the hallway and living area. And also a wardrobe in the bedroom for personal items. It would seem that this apartment is atypically light and bright for a man. But the customer immediately liked the colors offered by the designers. Probably because she is as dynamic as his lifestyle. The light interior and white walls dilute the dark spots and bright accents of red furniture and decor. But the brightest and most intense accent was the wonderful retro refrigerator from SMEG. The main lighting in the apartment is presentedspot spotlights and built-in lamps along the entire perimeter of the apartment. The minimalist interior is slightly diluted with a modern sconce in the living room area from IKEA and a retro lamp from a Ukrainian online store ( The luminaire in the hallway consists of several blocks. It was made to order according to the sketches of designers. The bedroom is illuminated by two sconces by the bed and a cozy floor lamp from a Ukrainian manufacturer. Elizaveta Pyshneva, designer:- For this project, we have chosen simple geometric shapes of furniture and rather unusual design solutions. Most of the furniture was custom-made by local craftsmen in Ukrainian production. Even the doors were made to order - they are very high, painted with white paint, which visually increases the height of the ceiling. They were made by the Ukrainian workshop Heartwood. Kitchen furniture has a complex asymmetrical shape, which is due in part to its layout. The facades are decorated under a bleached oak, and the countertop is made of stone - everything is in the Kiev company L-master. The room is decorated with the famous Acapulco armchair, and the dining chairs are from the Italian firm Calligaris. In the interior there are quite a few pieces of furniture andDecor from IKEA. In the hallway a decorative panel with a bench made of plywood became a very bright element - it was made by the master Taras Savchuk. This panel is not just decorative, but also functional: hook pegs can be rearranged (and they also allude to the hobby of the host of the apartment by sport), behind one of the panels there is a technological hatch. Bathroom in the apartment is small, combined -An area of ​​4.6 square meters. M. However, it contains all the necessary elements. And comfort creates a floor from a natural tree. One of the walls is completely mirrored, which creates the illusion of space. The bedroom is made extremely laconic and even slightlyAscetic. The gray color scheme created a very cozy and enveloping atmosphere. And the bed here seems to float in the air. All the furniture in the bedroom is made to order by Kiev masters. When implementing this project, designersFaced with only one problem - the lack of a freight elevator, so all the building materials had to be worn on foot on the 20th floor. It took a lot of time and effort. However, the project was completed in three months. Its cost was about 30 000 dollars.

A few tips from designers Bohostudio on the design of a small apartment:

  • Most importantly, do not be afraid of radical changes in thePlanning in favor of individual life needs. Bold decisions will help not only to create a pleasant atmosphere, but also to gain a few square meters, if it comes to small-size.
  • If the interior is too white and sterile - dilute it with interesting designer furniture and lights.
  • It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on the décor of the home. Most of the time you can do many things with your own hands.
  • The correct arrangement of lighting is the guarantee of a cozy interior. Therefore, pay more attention to this issue. Just a ceiling chandelier will not be enough.
  • If your apartment or separate rooms haveNon-standard layout, order furniture on an individual project. It will cost more, but will save you from unnecessary gaps and gaps between cabinets. Find the same furniture in the store is almost impossible.