For what you really need a bidet, and how it is used by the inhabitants of Russia


The editors asked apartment owners and designersinterior about why bidets are installed even in bachelor apartments. It turned out that this item is an incredibly useful item with a wide range of uses. Details - in our article, Bidet as a personal hygiene item appeared in France in the 17th century, but to this day no better alternative has been invented for it. In different variations, the bidet is used all over the world, however, the national flavor in our dear homeland, even in communication with such an unambiguous aggregate, manifests itself very clearly. The editors conducted a survey among apartment owners and interior designers. And here's what it turned out: more often than not, bidets are installed in their bathrooms ... by young bachelors. What for? Because the bidet, as it turned out, is an indispensable thing in the life of an unmarried man, however, women in the household can also use a bidet. We have collected the most common areas of "misuse" bidet and share our discovery with you.

1. Washing feet

In the heat, the bidet is in high demandgeometric progression. Indeed, can you neglect the luxury of refreshing tired feet without having yoga stretching? If you have the opportunity to go home in broad daylight for 15 minutes - you definitely appreciate the comfort of rinsing your tired legs in a bidet.

2. Cooling watermelons

Well, not a shell to occupy, in fact? In addition, many prefer to fill this subject for intimate hygiene with mushrooms, potatoes and other fruits of our vast expanses, requiring soaking before washing or long cleaning. The bosses are not even bothered by the forced "subordinate" position. Have not you ever washed potatoes on your knees? Buy a bidet.

3. Washing of underwear

Delicate fabrics for an intimate aggregate: you can not imagine an ideal union. Soak again is convenient. There is only one question left: what's wrong with the sink?

4. Grooming

Ignoring the possibilities of the shell acquiresnew heights, when four-legged pets appear in the family. And the subspecies and sizes do not matter. Bidet persistently transfers both washing paws of trembling "sumochnyh" dogs, and forward washing of the polluted sites of a body of large melancholic breeds. With the participation of children from 5 to 15 years old, cats, ferrets, guinea pigs and hamsters, according to statistics, first become acquainted with this subject of hygiene.

5. Washing shoes

Another sign of high status is the possibilitywash the shoes "from the foot". With this statement and you can not argue - just imagine a business man in a suit, delegating authority over the phone and at the same time waving his right shoe in ... Illustrations of Maria Davydkina