Pallet furniture: 20 real examples


The fashion that came from the West on furniture from pallets,Or pallets, as they are called there, becomes more popular with each season. And the point here is not in the budget, but in brightness and originality. Furniture of this kind can become the central object of the interior, and we have at least 20 proofs of this

For some reason, there are still people,Perceiving pallets solely as a building auxiliary tool. In fact, it is a universal material for creating incredible furniture in Scandinavian, industrial, country and loft style.

It is not necessary to be a certified specialistOn the interior, to create one of the items in our selection. For a bed, for example, you just need to move a few blocks between each other. Of course, preparation will also require effort - clean, sand, dye and (if necessary) fasten a couple of joints.

But one thing we can assert, relying on experienceMany of your predecessors - you are unlikely to stop at anything. Over time, you will want to mount the lighting and a couple of boxes. Then it turns out that a narrow console for the hallway does not have to be bought - the pallets will help. And we recommend that you take a few blocks to the dacha. Rest assured, one delivery you will not be limited.