Guide for pros

Guide for pros: lectures, courses, exhibitions, master classes and presentations from 8 to 19 June


In summer, only schoolchildren are resting - their fansThings go to courses, listen to lectures and participate in master classes. About the most interesting educational events and, of course, about exhibitions and parties - in our material Someone waited for a vacation, and we take up pens and notebooks. From day to day a whole series of training courses are organized, organized by the most authoritative design schools. And somebody will present a new collection of fabrics, demonstrate novelties in the sphere of light and natural stone. And yet ...

June 8

On June 8, for entrants and parents, he will open hisDoors British Higher School of Design. To familiarize with principles of teaching, to ask questions to teachers and to look at graduate works of graduates it will be possible till June, 17th inclusive. Hurry! The long-awaited registration startedSpecialized travel for designers and architects, organized by Rockwell Group. Already this fall, graduated adventurers will be able to plunge into the world of historical and modern architecture of Tokyo, Singapore and London. We are already envious.

the 9th of June

From 9 to 12 June in Guangzhou will host an international exhibition of light. The event is organized by Messe Frankfurt, so you do not have to worry about the result. On June 9 and 16 the International School of Design will holdA course of lectures by Victor Dembowski "Religious furniture of the XX century". Most of the modern furniture is a new reading of the old masterpieces. To everyone who wants to learn how to read a design between the lines, we recommend that you attend evening lectures at 47 Nakhimovsky Prospekt.

June 10th

More than a month and a half - from June 10 to July 29 -In the center of design Artplay the architectural school MARSH will conduct open lectures with famous architects and teachers of the school. Lecturers will tell not only about their projects, but also about the plans of the MARCH studio for the next academic year.

June 11

Within four days, from 11 to 14 June, inBerlin will be the winner of the DMY Awards. This time visitors will have a chance to get acquainted with the products of the Berlin Glas e.V. - the creators of author's masterpieces from hot glass.

June 15th

British Higher School of Design invitedDecorator Anna Muravinu in the center of design Artplay for a master class on the theme of Anna's recently published book - Recipes of a Happy Interior. Those who have not yet had time to get acquainted with the labor of the founder of the design bureau "MuGu-internors", we highly recommend to attend a master class. International School of Design announced the openingYear intensive for interior designers with different levels of training. The curator of the course is Elena Lazareva, she promises all applicants to have a completely new level of knowledge, worthy graduates of the programs of the best British universities. We believe Elena. Within three days, from June 15 to June 18, in the MHSD, thatOn Nakhimovsky Avenue, 47, will pass a course devoted to the study of various types of graphics and drawing. Following the title - "The Basics of Drawing for Graphic Designers." Styles, techniques, materials "- one can assume that the course will be of interest only to professionals, but we are sure that" artists in spirit "who are just beginning to realize their aspirations will be useful and very interesting to visit several classes.

June 16th

Gallery "Arben" will hold a presentation of fabrics from the company Persan. Promise an interesting audience, oriental sweets and champagne. From 16 to 19 June, one of the largest and most authoritative international exhibitions in the field of extraction and processing of natural stone - "Expocamen" will take place. We vouch, it will be spectacular.

June, 18th

On June 18 and 19 in the Hometek gallery will be held trainingSeminars on working with technology and the most that there is an active kitchen. We will cook meat and desserts, we were especially interested in "ice cream in a crisp".