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Hotel-antidepressant: here you have to go to make your interior psychologically comfortable -


Love to combine business with pleasure? When the next time you go to China, look at this hotel on the Thousand Island Lake. You can not only relax, but also gain new impressions to transform your own interior

Designers from the XL-Muse created an hotel-antidepressant. The Ripple Hotel, located in the area of ​​the Chinese Lake of Thousand Islands, relaxes literally from the doorstep. What is only a "soaring" reception.

Every object, line, detail as if whispered to the guest - "sit down, translate the spirit, behold, enjoy, do not worry ...".

Imagine that your bed is onHovering island, a tree "sprouted" in the clothes rack, a knob on the door to the bathroom serves as a real oar, and the base for the coffee table is a stump. Presented? What do you think, you can think about reporting in such an environment and worry about the situation in the country?

So it seems to us that The Ripple Hotel isA magical place that teaches a modern person to "cut off" the "metropolis" and just breathe. It seems that the air here is cleaner, the sounds are quieter, and the minutes are slower and calmer.

However, for all its meditative atmosphere,The interiors of this hotel represent more than a fashionable space. Here, and a light natural tree, and neutral shades of wood, earth and sand, and minimalist furniture, and lamps, casting incredibly cozy shadows.