The Revolution of Luxury: How to turn your house into a fashionable hotel in 5 steps

It happens that you were not impressed with the holidayOnly travel, but also the luxurious furnishing of the hotel in which you were located. If you want to once again plunge into the atmosphere of the luxury class, try to create it in your home. So, vacation is already over, but you do not want to part with the luxurious atmosphere that you are used to during your holiday. We suggest that you make 5 steps to fulfill your desires and see through what methods you can design your house in the manner of expensive hotels. This situation is perfect for large houses with spacious rooms, which require a special approach to decorating. On the impressive square, elegant, rich, not without interlacing interiors look perfect, which you can create with some persistence. How? Read about this in our today's material.

Step # 1: start with the hallway

First of all, pay attention to the hallway. Remember how impressive from the first minutes the atmosphere at the entrance to the luxury hotel: beautiful mirrors, exotic flowers, exclusive furniture. The light is slightly muffled. Required are rare antique vases and works of art. Choose for decoration quality materials and pieces of furniture and decor. For example, in the hallway it is enough to change the chandelier and mirror. Acquire models with original design. This is always paid attention. If the area allows, add an exclusive banquet or pouf, as well as a small lacquered table. In general, you can use different elements of decor, including paintings, beautiful vases, flowers.

Step # 2: a premium lounge

In the living room you can create an atmosphere of luxury withUsing designer or antique furniture, expensive accessories. Required the presence of a soft sofa, armchairs, a large TV. If there is no possibility to change furniture, use expensive textiles in the interior. Decorate the windows with curtains. Living room of this format should have rest. Our opinion Fill space with flowers. It can be both artificial and freshly cut flowers. Choose what is more suitable for the interior and is liked by all members of your family. Create elegant floral arrangements.

Step # 3: a romantic oasis in the bedroom

The territory of hotels is not devoid of romance. Many couples go on vacation in anticipation of an elite holiday. Therefore, make in the bedroom an emphasis on the bed: it is the main piece of furniture in this room. The headboard made of wood, upholstered in soft velor, silk or leather, will remind you of a fashionable hotel. Choose a cozy chair in the tone of the interior and bedside tables. With elegant side sconces and chandeliers, create relaxing lighting with any color solution. Do not forget to replace the old closet, because in the premium rooms all the best. To ensure that sunlight does not penetrate into the bedroom, use light tight tight curtains (as in expensive hotels). A small refrigerator (mini-bar) with refreshing drinks will not hurt. The bedroom for lovers is a place of bliss and unforgettable nights. Make this room with a soul and do not regret it! Our opinion Elite bedding will undoubtedly become the decoration of a luxury bedroom. Choose sets of quality natural fabrics (cotton, linen, silk, cashmere) with an exclusive design. A good orthopedic mattress is a guarantee of your comfort. Decorate the bed in the bedroom with a chic veil.

Step # 4: bathroom - relaxation area

Expensive rooms are famous for high-quality plumbing withWhite marble bathrooms and exquisite design. A prerequisite for luxury hotels is cleanliness. Be sure to keep this in mind. Even if the global changes in your bathroom are not required, at least it is worth buying cotton bathrobes and snow-white soft towels: they are considered indispensable attributes of the bathrooms of expensive hotels. Pour shampoos, soaps and lotions into special nice vials.

Step # 5: additional conditions for recreation

All luxury hotels take care of theirClients received maximum positive emotions and had a good rest, and in this connection they always offer additional services: a cinema, a billiard room, a sauna, a swimming pool, a gym, SPA procedures, the Internet. In the presence of space and facilities, you can organize something similar and at home, highlighting, for example, a place for an exercise bike or a treadmill.


  • Install home air conditioners or ceiling fans. This will maintain the optimal temperature in the room and thus create a comfortable environment for recreation (as in expensive hotels).
  • Fill the space of the house with light. Luxurious chandeliers, floor lamps, lamps, wall sconces - choose models with an interesting design.
  • On the windows, install the blinds. With their help it is easier to control the lighting and maintain the climate control in the room. In addition, they are well rescued from the scorching sun.
  • Take care that nothing superfluousFell into your field of vision. Organize space correctly. To cope with this task you will help niches, shelves, shelves in cabinets, baskets and small decorative vases for small things.
  • Think every detail, form your ownCorporate style, as this is the basis of any expensive hotel. Whatever direction you choose for the interior design (baroque, modern, classic, art deco, high-tech, minimalism), make your home cozy and comfortable.