How to make an interior in the spirit of the Middle Ages: 5 tips

Every year at the end of July, one of the oldestrepublics celebrates the festival "Days of the Middle Ages". We are talking about San Marino, where on July 24 everyone has a unique opportunity to travel back several centuries and truly immerse themselves in the era of knights, beautiful ladies and dark castles. For several days, the historical center of the republic turns into one large theater: the townspeople change into old clothes, hold crossbowmen competitions, a carnival procession is organized along the narrow streets, restaurants offer dishes according to medieval recipes, the city is replete with traveling performances and performances. Even the city market is becoming medieval. Here you can not only buy interesting items of that era, but also take part in master classes on ancient crafts. The Age of the Middle Ages really beckons itsMystery. Not surprisingly, there are people who want to add the spirit of those times to their interior. Why not? Let's find out which elements can help in this.

1. Rough materials

In a medieval interior you should feel yourselfJust like behind a stone wall of a fortress, therefore for furnish of a premise rough durable materials are required. For unapproachable walls, artificial or natural stone, brickwork, wooden panels are best suited. If the height of the ceilings allows, decorate them with wooden beams, which will be the perfect complement to your medieval interior.

2. Fireplace

One of the main elements of medieval styleIs a fireplace (to create a mood and medieval atmosphere is quite suitable and artificial), which has always been the main focal point of the house. Near the hearth can be placed a large number of forged fireplace supplies.

3. Massive furniture

In the medieval interior will be harmoniousLook massive wooden furniture of simple shape, preferably of dark color. Upholstery should be beautiful, but not provocative. Above the bed it would be nice to hang an air canopy. A complement the interior can be a wooden chest with forged inserts.

4. Forged parts

Quite relevant for the medieval styleForged details with openwork patterns, which are perfectly combined with wood, stone and many other materials. It can be a mirror in a forged frame, a chandelier, handrails, candlesticks, lamps, door handles. Furniture with metal inserts will also look nice. For example, the forged head of the bed is ideal for a "medieval" bedroom.

5. Knight's attributes

Of the decorative elements in the medievalInterior often has chivalric paraphernalia that helps create a sense of a real castle. This knight's armor, shields, arms, weapons, heraldic patterns. Also often used for decoration are animal skins or stuffed animals. Http://,,