How to make children's interior warmer and more comfortable in one day


With the onset of winter, children spend less timeOn the street and more - in his room. And adults need to take care of making their stay at home comfortable. We will tell you how to make a child's interior warmer and more cozy in one day. A children's is a separate small world in which a child grows and develops. Therefore it is very important that he feels himself as comfortable as possible in his own room. Today we want to share with you a few simple design techniques that will help make the interior of the children warm and cozy. Their implementation does not take you much time, and the result will please all household members: large and small.

1. Warm mat

In all children's room design guidesit is recommended not to use objects and materials in the decor that accumulate dust, for example, fluffy rugs. But you must admit that it is much more pleasant to sit with toys or a book not on the bare floor, but on a soft and warm mat, especially when it is cold and bad weather outside the window. We recommend using small size mobile rugs with medium to long pile. Such products are easy enough to clean with a vacuum cleaner. They are suitable for seasonal use, and with the arrival of spring, the rugs can simply be removed and hidden in the closet.

2. Bright wall appliqués

The interior of the nursery will become much brighter andMore cheerful if you decorate the walls with multi-colored appliques. Fortunately, modern technologies have presented us with such a "miracle" as temporary decorative stickers, the use of which is absolutely painless for any surfaces. We recommend choosing summer themes for the collage, they will help make the atmosphere in the room a little warmer. Our opinion: - You should definitely involve the child himself in the process of decorating the walls of a children's room with decorative stickers. In this case, interior design will turn into an exciting, creative game.

3. The Room Sun

To add a little coziness to the interior of the nursery,hang an original sun-shaped lamp on the wall or ceiling. He will not only illuminate the room, but also warm it at an associative level. Depending on the age of the child and the general style of the room, the lamp can have the traditional shape of the sun with an illustration to children's fairy tales or represent a design interpretation. Another option for indoor sun can be a mirror in the appropriate frame.

4. A secluded place

Even in their own room, children want to havea separate secluded place in which they can comfortably settle down or even hide. A hut is perfect for these purposes. In combination with pillows, rugs and fur bedding, it will become not only the most original, but also the warmest interior element in the nursery. And how to build a children's hut with your own hands, you can learn from ours. Our opinion: - Of course, the hut is interesting for children only up to a certain age. For an older child, a hanging hammock chair or a cocoon chair is more suitable as a cozy secluded place.

5. A warm place by the window

The warmest detail of the interior is the battery orradiator. And what is usually above the battery? Window sill. Use it wisely. A small mattress, a couple of pillows - and the child will have an additional warm and cozy place to relax.

6. Funny lights

The usual New Year garland is able to createA small decorative miracle. The flickering lights will help create a magical atmosphere in the children's room. You can come up with a variety of options for using garlands: above the head of the bed, on the walls, the ceiling or in the window aperture - in any case, the room with them will look much more comfortable.

7. Sleeves for things

Knit elements of any interior makeSeem warm and homely. Put on impromptu gloves on several objects in the nursery, for example, on the lampshade of a table lamp or on a pot of flowers. This simple decorative reception will instantly change the mood of the interior.