The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

How to make an apartment in a gray-yellow range: a real example from Vancouver


Looking for interesting color combinations for yourinterior? Then an apartment in gray and yellow tones will help you get inspired, and also serve as a vivid example of how best to place accents.Many designers like to use gray because it is practical, noble, has great potential, visually expands the space and does not get bored due to its neutrality. ... Yellow in the interior gives a sunny mood, invigorates and creates an atmosphere of warmth. The combination of these two colors is a balanced harmony and a standard of balance. Despite the fact that most designers try to avoid such a combination due to the difficulty of maintaining a balance between colors, in one of the high-rises in Vancouver, local craftsmen managed to create a very impressive urban interior in just this range. Following the basic rule of using the combinationyellow and gray colors, the designers did not choose any of them in the basic finish of floors, walls or ceilings, and took as a basis neutral white. This is really a profitable solution, which added airiness and ease to the space. It also dilutes the gamut of black, which fits perfectly into any color variations. Particular attention should be paid to the studio environment. A large and bright room with panoramic windows is filled with natural light, and correctly arranged accents in such lighting look more advantageous in doubles. Accurately placed plates with lemons and limes of different shades on the dining table are not only very interesting, they also give a wonderful scent. A wonderful view of the city opens from the office,where a special decoration is an exquisitely printed map of the city. In principle, in this apartment it is difficult to find things in colors different from the basic tones of the interior. But the most interesting is that it does not bother at all, because everything is fairly unified and looks like an integral system that pleases the eye. In the bedrooms, the same exclusivebalance. A calm and relaxing atmosphere is diluted with elements of yellow, reminiscent of carefree fun and joy. Throughout the house there is a wooden floor, which is excellent for contrasting combinations. Bathroom is made in the same colors as thethe rest of the apartment. Stylish, expensive, not boring, comfortable with any mood, and most importantly - practical and for all time. This is how you can characterize the general appearance of these apartments.

Councils for the design of an apartment in the gray-yellow range:

  • Do not use yellow and gray colors as basic, better decorate walls, shelves and floors in some neutral palette, and for furniture and accessories, take these two colors.
  • Create a contrast so that the look is stylish,accentuated and underlined, for this select the expressive shades of both yellow and gray. Otherwise, no contrasting combination will look unnatural, smeared and dull.
  • Be sure to add black and / or white colors. This is a kind of bridge between the most seemingly incompatible solutions.
  • Choose one palette. It should be either saturated, or done in pastel colors. This is necessary in order not to create contrasts, where one color will simply "crush" another, and it will be possible to forget about observing any harmony at all.