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How to make a guest house with an area of ​​24 square meters. M: a real example

Want to find out how on the square 24 square meters. M create a multifunctional space? Here is a real example - a guest house, which is located in Seattle, Washington. The design of this tiny building was designed by designer Kim Mankoski. She managed to accommodate a living room, bed, work area, kitchen and a very comfortable bathroom. The house looks very presentable. So why is this project successful?

Secret number 1: panoramic windows and doors

The fact that the house is tall, and the panoramic windows and doorsFrom floor to ceiling occupy most of the wall and the angle of the room, let in more air and light, visually expand the space, and create an effect of unity with nature.

Secret number 2: color palette

The interior is built on a harmonious combinationLight gray color with a light color of wood, reminiscent of caramel or onyx. Such an alliance does not irritate the eye, soothes, makes the space homely and cozy. The balance of color and materials connects the house with the environment and creates an unusual atmosphere for recreation. The bright cold palette of the wall visually enlarges the space, and the dark gray floor gives this interior elegance.

Secret number 3: wooden beams

The wooden beams on the ceiling made it possible to emphasize the height of the building advantageously, and with them the house seems more cozy. In order to visually increase it, the beams were placed along its entire width.

Secret number 4: second floor and ladder

In order to save space, a berth andWork Corner arranged on the second level. The ceilings in the house are high, and this option is quite appropriate. Instead of a stationary ladder march, a compact ladder was made. This also helped save space. In addition, with the help of special grooves the ladder is easy to move, for example, to take things in the lockers and put them back. For convenience, handles are fixed on it.

Secret number 5: more light and air

Through the large windows in the guest house comesA lot of natural light. As additional sources of lighting are 2 suspended onyx color chandeliers, and in the sleeping area and in the working corner there are wall lights. Warm colors work to create a good mood and make the space cozier. An interesting device was used in the bathroom: the mirror was installed so that the window from the large room was reflected in it (as a result, an additional light source appeared and the small room visually increased). Also, the bathroom of the commandment seems light and airy thanks to the fine mosaic decoration and the installation of a glass partition in the shower cubicle. And the built-in lamps serve as additional light sources.

Secret number 6: furniture

The house is furnished with only the most necessary,Functional pieces of furniture. In addition, the interior has no pictures, photographs and other small things that "eat" space. The sofa was specially selected in the tone of interior decoration and medium sizes, because contrasting and large interior objects visually reduce the room. Sections for storage of things were installed at the top, thus emphasizing the height of the ceilings.