How to make a cozy home from an old barn: a real example

How to give a second life to the old barn? Is it possible to create a full-fledged living space from it, using simple methods of design? To find out, we go to the Czech Republic, where there is an unusual black-and-white house. We suggest you look at a house that has been converted from an old barn. It is located in a surprisingly picturesque place, in nature, in the Czech Republic. This is just the case when the owners of the house used the principle: "If you got a lemon, make a lemonade out of it!".

Black outside - white inside

Perhaps this is an old structure - a family one"Relic", which inherited the current owners. It was difficult for the owners of the house to part with it, they decided to remake the barn for a dacha. Most likely, this is a married couple of middle age, city dwellers who always strive to use the opportunity to get out into the countryside, and this place is surprisingly beautiful. The outer part of the house they painted black. As you know, this color attracts solar heat. Although there is a fireplace, an additional source of heat for this house is not superfluous. As the primary color of the interior finish, white was chosen. It creates a feeling of freshness and purity. Given that the former barn became the object, such a decision is entirely logical. Black accents act as zoning elements and add a touch of elegance to the space. Black and white interiors are not out of fashion, they are timeless. With their help, it's easy to create a modern design and just make a retro-atmosphere. Such a color scale is preferred by aesthetes. These people are very different in character, but picky to style, like the owners of this country house.

Pipes instead of a cabinet

The magic of old things that were in the house beforerepair, did not leave indifferent owners. Some subjects they have found practical application. Even old pipes are entitled to a second life. Let's see how they were used by the owners of the house. In one case, a part of the pipe serves as a hanger for things. She was painted white, inside she stretched a rope to fix on wooden beams. Such a simple design is an excellent alternative to cabinets. In this interior, such a technique is quite appropriate. Also old pipes were useful in the living room. They were adapted as a support and legs for the table. You see, giving a second life to old things is very simple. The aesthetes are different in that they see beauty in everything and surround themselves with special things. Our opinion: - Pay attention, how great was the place with the stone sink. The mirror was placed in a frame of old boards, picked up a faucet for antiquity, added the composition with woven baskets. As a result, we managed to support the raiding of the old in the house.

Retro style and electrical wiring

The barn design is made in a rustic stylethe middle of the last century. It is appropriate to open shelves, net-partition, skins, rails (racks) with metal dishes and retrofrigerator. Against the background of unplastered walls, open wiring has also become part of the interior. So it supports the overall stylistics in the room.

Life in harmony with nature

The interior of the house contains only the most necessarysubjects that carry a functional and semantic load. But life without art and harmony aesthetes does not seem interesting. Thanks to the large panoramic windows and sliding doors, the space is perceived as beautiful and joyful. Perhaps the owner of the house is a museum worker, and his companion is a stylist in a beauty salon. They are very attached to this house, but their life is not connected with agriculture. Is that they like to contemplate the picturesque pictures of the surrounding landscape.