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How to correctly use different color metals in the decor of one room: 6 cunning rules -


This is the most unusual and freshest trend. Gold was last season, copper a little earlier, chrome was in the honor almost always, but that all together - this is the first time

Chrome, copper and gold have already conquered the armyfans on all continents, and this is not surprising. Metal shades can be used to decorate the interior of almost any style accessory. In the new season, pink gold will be added to the three familiar shades of metal, which means it's time to think about how to properly fit it into the interior. At the same time, let's talk about the rest of the "non-ferrous metals". 1. Restraint

This main tool of any initiative is not in vainstands in the first place here. If you want to fill your interior with multi-colored reflective surfaces, just the dose of the last characteristic should be reduced, and with regard to the large form, give preference to matte metal. 2. Harmony

Try to stay on the verge of "almost perfect", where there is a matte and glossy, warm and cold, dark and light. 3. Start small

You need to get used to the metal. A large form can begin to strain, or even completely scare away the intensity of the impact. To begin with, place in the interior a chrome lamp, a pair of vases or replace the frames of the wiring equipment. 4. Mix

Love gold? Add to it copper and silver. And let the most favorite shade will be as little as possible. Over time, you still can not hold out and put on the shelf a few more items, "without which just no way." 5. Minimize the background

If the kitsch is not your goal, try to reduce the degree of activity of background objects. We are about shapes and shades. The view of the observer should move with curiosity about the interior, and not fly in perplexity. 6. Look for new options

It is not necessary to be limited to brass plafonds andvases with gold patination. Standards are boring. Think about the options that are not presented in the stores. For example, the author's stencilled drawing with a paint with a metallic luster on the wallpaper, textiles with the effect of a chameleon, embroidery on pillows with a gold thread, etc.