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How are interior items that we fall in love with forever: a celebrity interview

The Chapurin brand is well known not only in Russia. For 16 years of his work, Igor Chapurin has achieved practical success in all areas of design. learned the secret of its own "Fashion House" Igor Chapurin (Chapurin) founded in 1998, after winning the Paris contest of young fashion designers Nina Ricci and an internship in Paris. For 16 years of his work, Igor became famous not only as one of the most popular Russian fashion designers, who invented a unique way of embroidery, was the first to weave clothes from straw and was included in the official schedule of the Fashion Week in Paris, but also as an interior and industrial designer. He produces his own line of furniture, lamps and parquet ChapurinCasa. Cooperates with theaters (he owns the authorship of scenery and costumes for the three ballets of the Bolshoi). He developed the design of the VIP lounge at Domodedovo airport, the Moscow restaurant Viasna and even the facades of the Wimm-Bill-Dann workshops. Last year, the designer came up with an extravagant design for the Rowenta Steam Force DW9245 iron, and this year - the fashionable Palette de Maquillage for Clarins (blush, eye shadow, lengthening mascara and lipstick).

Last Wednesday, Igor Chapurin met with architects and designers at the Design & Decoration Center, where he talked about how fashion penetrates into interior design, and what is born of it.

Igor Chapurin, designer, designer: - Our modern life is a continuous flow of information emanating from various spheres of human life. We quickly receive it and quickly process it, transforming each into a form convenient for us. Getting into the interior world, the fashion designer is pouring into an unfamiliar environment for him, but he continues to develop, while trying to maintain his individuality, his recognizable style. Creating clothes, furniture, interiors, Igor always tries to preserve his uniqueness. "Fluidity is very important to me," he says. - A person should feel comfortable and comfortable, wearing my clothes, sitting on the sofa I invented. We can distinguish six components, which, according to the designer, are important in the creation of any thing:

  • comfort,
  • Color harmony,
  • proportionality,
  • Transformability or functionality,
  • Air as an element of design,
  • Light as an element of design.

Igor Chapurin, designer, designer: - I create objects that people should not just like, they should love them for many years, that's why details, textures, and the feeling of man-made are very important in them. Everything should be tactilely pleasant, therefore all my furniture is made of such natural materials as wenge, leather, suede, matte metal. I believe that the original and unusual should be a form, and colors and textures are only natural. Igor believes that in the design of interiors, as inFashion, everything is important - color, shape, material, print, texture ... And colors play a huge role. They can visually influence not only the form, but also the perception of the image as a whole. Favorite colors of the designer - chocolate brown, graphite gray, soft beige, olive, yellow. Igor Chapurin, designer, designer: - I prefer natural, but complex colors, which, mixing, would create a multi-faceted and multi-level image, rather than a straight-line art object, as in pop art. Often the game with light and matte / glossy surfaces helps to achieve the desired result. Reflecting from them, refracting in others and disappearing in the third, light plays an important role, becomes an integral part of the interior. I learned this from work in the theater, where light is often the only way to convey the mood of the surrounding hero of reality.

What colors are waiting for us in the new season?

Igor Chapurin, designer, designer: - In the coming spring-summer season, we expect complex colors and "dirty" shades of simple colors: dusty yellow, noble pink, white and olive with a light grayish shim ... All the colors seem to have gotten a little muddy from the spring mud. After all, even the snow turns black in the spring! Such colors are easier to combine, creating harmonious and pleasing to the eye images. I'll tell you a secret that I already have the color palette of the autumn-winter collection 2015/2016! But this is still a secret. I will only say that the highlight is a noble emerald and graphite with a light shine ... This wonderful meeting with Igor Chapurin took place thanks to the assistance of Design & Decoration Center ( and with the support of our portal