Bedroom interior design: the psychology of men and women


Create a bedroom that will be equally sweetSleep and it's nice to wake up to representatives of both sexes - it's not easy. In today's collection, we will try to give you the right direction and give inspiration

Confrontation between the sexes is an inexhaustible topic forDiscussions and disputes. Especially in matters relating to the interior. And if the kitchen is almost always the patrimony of the beautiful half, then in the bedroom to enjoy peace and relaxation will be two. Hence the debate about the color of the walls, the presence of ryushechek and pink candelabra. However, compromise options still exist, and there are a lot of them.

A key characteristic for a "bisexual" bedroom is restraint.

Classic interior items are balanced here with a neutral palette.

Girls love gold, a lot of light and the color of the sea, boys appreciate simple shapes, sharp angles and a calm palette.

Everything here is extremely simple, but tasteful, probably, therefore, stylish and cozy. For both.

Two colors, simple shape geometry, minimum details and the ideal distance between posters. A man will appreciate, a woman will love.

Lofts love everything! Well, not all, but if a single man loves them passionately, and "the moon of his life" in principle is not against, but doubts - for the sake of harmony of relations it is necessary to choose an option without pipes hanging from the ceiling and rusted shelves from the garage. That's an option that will suit all. We believe in this. "Muted" art deco with black walls will appreciate the refined nature with a "quiet whirlpool".

Simply perfect.

Your half requires color, and you already agreed to this strange bedside shop? Buy bright pillows and paint the walls in lilac.

Restraint is the key. But if you are both adherents of one bright style, you will not need a clue. Why do we write about the ideal combination of circumstances? Experience shows that we are far from always aware of each other's tastes. Urbanism for him, a fireplace for her; A leather armchair for him, an atmospheric lamp for her; Concrete for him, vegetable painting for her.

With a sensible approach to design, even a brutal male romantic interior will be liked. Just do not tell him about it.

Another example of restraint, balance and style.

Absolute minimalism is perfect in itself.

Soften the loft space will help white paint, fur, wooden floors and literally a little bit of gold.