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What to choose: wooden or plastic windows, pros and cons


Today we will consider all the pros and cons of wooden and plastic windows. Safety, environmental friendliness, durability, price - everything is on the agenda for us

Wood or plastic, age-old traditions ormodern technologies? Let's understand. At the heart of the plastic window is a set of polymers. At the heart of the wooden - a few dozen glued wood strips, cleaned from resin and knots, impregnated with drying oil, varnish and soil. It is clear that there, and there - a complete set of periodic table. Both there and there - the environmental friendliness, safety and reliability of the material are proportional to its price and the manufacturer's honesty. And yet there is a significant difference. Tatiana Serova, "Windows into the House":- Do not trust the firms that promise to bring you a wooden window the day after tomorrow. This is technologically impossible. The minimum production time for such windows according to the customer's size is 30 days. The tree needs to be dried, painted or toned, varnished, fittings embedded, and so on. But a plastic window in especially urgent cases can be made even in a day, especially if the company has its own production.

Price of issue

Hard work with wood and quite highThe price of raw materials - the main reasons that the wooden windows in their time gave way to plasticity. A good wooden "euro window" will cost approximately 3-4 times more expensive than a window with a PVC profile. And yet, companies that produce wooden windows, do not experience shortage of customers. A special love for wood as a material is a national characteristic.

Ecological compatibility

No matter how good and expensive it wasPlastic window, how well it would not meet European standards, it is still made of PVC (PVC). At high temperatures, in extreme heat or during a fire, it will emit much more harmful substances into the environment than the wooden profile. But our ideas about the ability of the wooden structure to "breathe", in contrast to the plastic one - is a pure myth. The modern wooden "Eurowindows" is very tight and allows no more air than plastic.


The average life of a plastic window is about40 years. Wooden guaranteed to "work" about 10. Further options are possible. The plastic has already proven itself in the difficult Russian climate with sharp changes in temperature and humidity. But the tree, even carefully primed and impregnated with special compounds, remains a tree and is subject to erosion. What the wooden frame turns into under the influence of air, sun, wind and moisture, we all remember from our childhood.


One of the obvious advantages of a plastic window -Quick and easy installation. Having minimal experience in construction, it is not difficult to put it on its own. With a wooden structure, this option is not possible. Its installation is a complex process, requiring additional skills and special adaptations.

All maintenance of plastic windows in mostOf cases is reduced to the periodic rubbing of the profile with a rag, adjustment and lubrication of the fittings, lubrication and replacement of the sealant. A wooden window that can crack or absorb moisture, attention will probably need much more. On the other hand, the wooden profile can be restored in case of damage or scratches. The plastic will have to be changed. True, and scratch the plastic profile is much more difficult. Tatiana Serova, "Windows into the House":- If your double-glazed window has broken, or you simply decided to replace it with a more advanced energy-saving one, with a plastic profile, it will not be difficult to do this within a few days. This problem is more difficult to solve with wooden windows. The glass unit there is firmly glued into the sash with silicone sealant, and the glazing bead is securely attached. It is very difficult to remove the glass unit without damaging the glazing bead, since wood is not at all flexible material. If the manufacturing company is domestic, you can solve the problem in a week or two. But if it is imported, then it will take at least a month. All this time you will have to live with a broken or damaged window.


The plastic profile can be laminated toAny color and material. Even under valuable tree species. But it will not become wooden from it anyway. The difference will be noticeable. The beauty and elegance of the wooden windows, the warmth and comfort that they create in the house is the main reason for their "charm" and popularity. It is no accident that restorers and architects of expensive individual projects almost always prefer a tree: it gives a huge freedom of creativity.

Tatyana Serova, "Windows in the house":

- Unlike plastic, modern woodenprofiles make it possible to embody virtually any fantasy of the customer and can "fit" into any architectural style. The height of the frame and the plasticity of the material itself makes it possible to create the most non-standard designs of complex shapes and sizes. Wooden profiles look spectacular in houses with a glazed wall from floor to ceiling, in curved bay windows, with stained glass. True, the manufacture of such windows is a long-term, painstaking and very expensive business.,